Editor’s note: Ryan Struck is a self-taught, 29-year-old, Manhattan- based photographer. When he is not at home shooting, he can be found traveling in search of surf and inspiring, natural lighting. His desire to capture images that help viewers imagine the instant the shutter clicks fuels his passion to combine beautiful light, people and places. We are lucky to have Ryan on the Loweprofessionals Storytellers Team

San Onofre State Beach is a popular spot for long boarding and bus riding in San Clemente. Ryan cruised down with River Covey in his buddy Jorge’s VW Bus. It’s full-on #vanlife with River and his friends. Basically they just posted up, had some laughs, a few surfs and Ryan kept it nostalgic by shooting film from the water. We’ll have to wait another few weeks or so for those images ;). Here’s a look at an evening at San Onofre in California. The van vibes down that way were so fun and there was plenty to surf.

Ryan says, “shooting surf culture, or lifestyle, is the most interesting part about surfing. Not many surfers share those sentiments — and I’m totally OK with that. Everyone wants to see the best wave ridden; I relish these images also. Most of my friends let me do my thing when I want to snap a portrait on the beach, or when a flock of seagulls flies overhead just as the sun is setting. Birds may be cliche, but these moments we live on the beach represent the most carefree times of our lives. Even if lived just a few short hours, riding waves is pure joy. The heart of surfing, the innermost definition of it, is happiness. I do my best to translate this feeling both in and out of the water.”

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  • John Klein says:

    Great series of images from the CA surf scene. I found it authentic and well portrayed using natural light. Reminded me of my younger days with my VW van. I would be surfing and Sk8ing in Tofino BC Canada with my bros. We had little money but enough to buy the essentials to keep us rolling. Lol, I do mean rolling. Thanks for Sharing…

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