Storytellers Mission 3: Summer

Lowepro Storytellers Mission: Summer

Every month we challenge our Lowepro Storytellers with a mission. We want to see their visual interpretation of a word or phrase. Because our group is spread all over the World, each with their very own style, we are always extremely excited to see what they have come up with.

The third Mission is Summer. Summer is a time of magical lighting, fun experiences, and adventures galore, making it a fun time to photograph life! We are beyond excited to share these images with everyone and are already looking forward to next month’s Mission.

Summer: Frank Lopez

To most summer is defined by sunny days on the beach, hot weather and long days.  To me summer means camping with friends, random, late-night adventures and peak time to shoot the Milky Way.  Here’s a shot to kick off the late-night summer adventures taken at Joshua Tree National Park. Tent pitched and astrophotography fun to be had.

Summer: Kyriakos Kaziras

August 9th. 5:57 p.m. Late afternoon at the beach, fine sand, blue sky, turquoise sea, numerous noisy bathers, playful and a little agitated… there are crowds in the water and on the beach, despite a somewhat chilly water of + 2º C (35º F). An ordinary summer on the shores of Spitsbergen at 80º 41’32 “N  20º 52’17” E, a favourite vacation spot of the walruses.

Summer: Thilo Brunner

It was in Capetown, South Africa shooting a Beach Boys’ story. Wet hair and sprinkles on a face created the perfect summer-feeling in a picture. Shot with 200mm f4!

Summer: Andreas Kieling

You are never alone in the forest. There are always eyes, ears and noses that perceive the wanderer.

Summer: Ben Sasso

Summer to me has always meant a mix of that gorgeous golden light, the glowing ocean haze, and spending more time outside than I do inside. As a photographer, it means bringing out the best that summer has to offer. For this shoot with Sierra and her husband, I shot on the beach so the light would catch in the ocean mist, and in post I brought warmth into the shadows of the frame to enhance that golden light without overtaking the skin tones. Enough with the technical stuff though, it’s summer! Go get outside!

Summer: Joseph Roybal

After spending the Colorado winter indoors – save ski days, I am always looking for the first lengthy excursion into the outdoors where down and winter boots are no longer a necessity. This months Mission fit perfectly with a trip I had planned to the Great Sand Dunes National Park in southern Colorado photographing storms in the area. The endless formations in the sand and expansiveness of the dunes are always rejuvenating when visiting this photographer’s paradise.

Summer: Jeff Bartlett

Since I live in the Great White North, summer is a fleeting rush to get things done. Summer means backcountry hikes and bikepacking missions. It demands I climb mountains and paddle rivers. Sunrise at 4AM and sunset at 11PM is a blessing, because these 12-16 weeks are my absolute favorite as a photographer. It’s colourful, it’s warm, and I’ve yet to get frostbite in July. Happy summer!

Summer: Florian Wagner

Kite surf pro Susi Mai at a shoot for Red Bull in Miami. Susi is a highly inspiring, creative and professional athlete who loves to share her passion for the sport. Shot with Leica S in the very early morning at the beaches of Miami, Florida.

Summer: Ryan Struck

Being on the beach, surfing and enjoying the outdoors always makes me feel happy. Nothing better than cruising down on a skateboard to check the surf.

Summer: Glenn Fajota

VENICE. 9pm sunset. Summer allows for longer days and warmer light.

Summer: Viktoria Haack

Canada pulled it’s summer weather out of the bag just in time for this mission!

Summer: Lukasz Warzecha

Summer is all about the warm weather and long evenings… perhaps not always in the UK though!

Summer: Elisa Detrez & Max Coquard

The perfection of a summer morning.

Summer: Erwan Balança

Here is a photo of the carpenter bee. This bee is one of the largest wild bees; it moves quickly and often. We look for the flowers most visited by the carpenter bee, and then anticipate its moves. To have a fast enough speed to freeze this very short time, I used the sunlight and also the light provided by several flashes.

Nikon D4S | 100mm | F7.1 macro ; 1 / 1250s | ISO 640

Summer: Erika Skogg

Summer for me is time off from everyone and everything! I head straight up to my family cottage in Door County, Wisconsin and get straight into our old aluminum canoe. My camera and a glass of wine comes with me, as I paddle into a secret lily pond we found as kids on Clark Lake.

Summer: Hunter McRae

Summer is about being at the beach, swimming in the ocean, spending time with family and enjoying the sunshine!

Summer: Matthias Fend

One day we took a trip on a sailing ship. We started to explore the cost of Croatia – this coast is maybe one of the most beautiful I ever have seen. You have huge cliffs, mountains, small islands on the one side, and the open blue sea on the other. After a long turn, we found this spot (it looked like it could be in the Caribbean). We felt mesmerized as the water drew us into its power and we wanted to feel it. We explored the coast under water.

Summer: Emily Polar

Letting go in the last moments of light, the sun warms the skin of two dancers, barefoot in the cool grass of summer’s dusk.

Summer: Nick LaVecchia

This is just one of the many scenes I envision when I think of Summer. Endless time spent on the ocean, surfing, swimming and exploring the Maine coast. Thanks to my brother Mike, that exploring can now happen on a beautiful 1978 wooden trawler he calls his home.

Summer: Alessandra Meniconzi

Summer, the season after the time of birth and regeneration (spring), is not one of my favorite seasons for taking photos. The paradox of summer photography is that you can easily stay outdoors and you have plenty of light, but on the other hand, the strong sun creates harsh light and strong shadows and contrast. To deal with harsh light, I shoot early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the sun is not so bright. Overcast days and after the rain are my favorite moments because the colors appear more vibrant. Polarizers help to have saturated colors.

Switzerland – Onsernone valley

Canon EOS 5D Mark III | EF24-70mm f/2.8L II USM |1/40 sec | f/13| ISO 160

Summer: Craig Pulsifer

Summer: Jörg Ehrlich

“Let us meet at the remote part of the beach at 2 pm, I am the one with the blue umbrella and yellow towel.”  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil   

Summer: Elisabeth Brentano

There is nothing more enchanting than golden hour in the summertime. The temperature of the air is just as warm as the light cast on the landscape, and there’s something special about the way the grass and flowers glow under the sun…

Summer: Dave Cheung

We’re blessed to live an hour’s drive from the beautiful Canadian Rockies.  Summer hadn’t quite arrived during this hike near Tunnel Mountain, Banff, Alberta.  It rained all day, but not enough to stop us from exploring a new trail.  We had this quiet trail all to ourselves this afternoon and made lots of noise to keep the bears at bay.

Summer: Bruno Calendini

I caught these two swimmers during a waterproof case test on the coast of French Riviera, in the Mediterranean.

Summer: Hugo Pedel

For all outdoor sports addicts, summer is a dream to realize a huge amount of authentic adventures under the sun. Of course, photographers take part in this happiness!

Summer: Kylie Turley

Summer Dips.

Summer: Michael Teague

Here’s what summer looks like to me. I shot this in Newport Beach, California, just around the corner from my home. We had some really nice clouds that day and I was stoked to be at the beach. Then again, I live close to the beach so I’m always stoked. This image signifies what summer in Cali is like when the sun starts to set on another beautiful day!

Summer: Gilles Reboisson

For photographers, Summer often means weddings, events, sunset, travels or holidays. For me it means all of that at the same time. Here you can discover a crazy spot for stand up paddling that we access by using inflatable SUP. This picture will probably find a place in some Stand Up magazine. And for you Lowepro fans, you should recognize a little detail that helped me to take this shot!

Summer: Sarah Dawson

Amanda Pollard

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