This blog series is hosted by Lowepro Storyteller Travis Burke. Being an outdoor adventure photographer, Travis participates in just about every sport and activity he shoots. He uses our Photo Sport AW for fast and light shoots. And for longer adventures, he needs a pack that not only holds his camera equipment securely, but is also extremely diverse and can handle any and every situation he puts it through. For Travis, it is the Rover Pro 45L AW.

Eagle Creek: A Trail Beyond Words.

It had been over a year since I hiked the Eagle Creek trail and it was time for me to return. Located in the Columbia River Gorge, this neck of the woods is so incredible with a vast array of waterfalls, clear deep pools, and steep rocky walls continuously being carved away by flowing streams. It is a forest wonderland perfect for hikers or backpackers like Chelsea Yamase, Shandra Butcher and myself. The most popular portion of this journey is a 4 mile round trip hike to the crowd-pleasing Punchbowl Falls, but Eagle Creek links up with the Pacific Crest trail and can be hiked all the way down to Mexico if you have an extra 4-5 months.

The wider, well-managed parts of the trail are stunning, but due to the occasional narrow sections that were blasted using dynamite into the cliff creating steep drop offs, the hike as a whole isn’t recommended for children and pets.

Just before you hit Punchbowl Falls, there is a smaller waterfall that makes for a perfect little cliff jump. After hiking for a few miles during one of Oregon’s heat waves, the cool blue pool was calling my name.

During my previous visit, I hiked through the rainforest only as far as Punchbowl. This picturesque waterfall has graced the cover of magazines and calendars around the world, and it is not hard to see why. The clear, glacial water is also a fun little swimming spot and can make for a unique viewpoint of the 40-foot falls if you’re brave enough to get wet.

This photo is of Shandra and me walking towards Tunnel Falls, 175 feet of thundering beauty. As the name implies, the trail actually passes behind the waterfall and you stand right next to the powerful cascade. There is nothing quite like emerging from the dark tunnel and being able to reach out and touch the falling water. After standing under the falls for more than a few seconds, our whole bodies were drenched, the All Weather cover on the backpack came in handy at this point and kept my camera and camping gear safe!

Chelsea and Shandra picked the ultimate spot to stop and camp for the night. There are frequent pullouts along the trail to sleep among the giant trees and listen to the tranquil river. The three of us were caught in multiple rain showers as to be expected in the Pacific Northwest, and throughout the night, the storms were sending lightning bolts within a few hundred feet of our campsite, sending the girls diving into their sleeping bags!

The Rover Pro 45L AW has become my go to bag for all of my backpacking trips. With its awesome carrying capacity I have plenty of room for clothing, food, and multiple lenses. The trampoline suspension system makes carrying a heavy load for a full day of hiking much easier on my back; external straps also leave room for me to attach my tripod, tent and other hiking accessories. This 12-mile round trip experience is one for the books. Great wilderness, awesome company and incredible memories always make for one heck of an adventure!

This twelve-mile round trip experience is one for the books. Great wilderness, awesome company and incredible memories always make for one heck of an adventure! To follow me on my many adventures please check out the links below. Photography

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