Storytellers Mission 4: Vision

By July 14, 2015Storytellers

Lowepro Storytellers Mission: Vision

Every month we challenge our Lowepro Storytellers with a mission.

We assign a word or phrase and they send us their visual interpretation. Because our group is spread all over the World, each with their very own style, we are always extremely excited to see what they have come up with.

The fouth Mission is Vision. Vision is a broad word, wide open for interpretation, and what our storytellers have produced is incredible! We are beyond excited to share these images with everyone and are already looking forward to next month’s Mission.

Vision: Jerm Cohen

It’s a challenge to separate yourself from other photographers. Sometimes you have to take a step back and re-assess your vision. Don’t be afraid to break any rules, with the exception of composing an image with the rule of thirds technique.

Just kidding, you can definitely break that rule too 🙂

Vision: Viktoria Haack

vi·sion – ˈviZHən/
An experience of seeing someone or something in a dream or trance, or as a supernatural apparition. synonyms: apparition, hallucination, illusion, mirage, specter, phantom, ghost, wraith, manifestation

Vision: Glenn Fajota

When the photographer and client have the same vision, success is achieved. Giselle hired me to photograph and film her for her submission for the 2015 Labrada Spokesmodel search. Results? You guessed it…she won 🙂

Vision: David & Quin Cheung

Sumaiya & Rifat shared their vision of having their portraits taken during high-tea … with the beautiful Canadian Rockies as their backdrop! We scouted the perfect location and brought the lights and camera, while they brought the table setting, cupcakes, tea and action.  It all came together more seamlessly than we could have imagined because everyone worked as a team to fulfill this unique vision.  What’s best is their total involvement with each other in the moment – they both truly invested in the moment – and each other – while enjoying high-tea in the mountains as if nobody in the world was watching.  Vision fulfilled.

Vision: Hunter McRae

I had been taking portraits of people in Peru for five weeks when I met this man who was our horseback-riding guide in Trujillo. His eyes immediately spoke to me. I was struck by the beauty and power I saw in them, which then became the focal point of his portrait.

Vision: Emily Polar

A window into the wonder. Visions of Annapurna.

Vision: Erika Skogg

While teaching a photography workshop with high school students in Tanzania this summer, we spent the first half of the trip completing a community service project in a small village called Maji ya Chai outside of Arusha.

We were installing a water line to the community’s local school while these sisters hid in their family’s cornfield, watching us from a distance. They began as this vision that would appear closer and closer each day, until they finally felt comfortable enough to start spending the afternoons with us, exchanging language, smiles, and finally a portrait. My favorite image of them was how I visioned them from the start – hiding between tall corn stalks with an intense and inquisitive stare.

Vision: Joseph Roybal

Having a strong and clear vision in your mind is key when setting out to photograph a new scene or one you have visited every day for the past week hoping for great light. Being able to pre-visualize your final product and spending the time scouting and preparing for the critical moment is paramount when creating compelling imagery.

Vision: Craig Pulsifer

The eyes of astro-physics student, Eric Koch, are multiplied and magnified through the ocular, lens and mirror of this reflective telescope in a laboratory of the University of British Columbia (Okanagan Campus).  This is one of eight faculty locations photographed for the university’s Spring recruitment campaign.  The shoot was particularly demanding, not just because of the number of locations we were shooting in, but because the artistic direction was often more conceptual than actually defined making it necessary to craft each shot on the fly by quickly pairing the personality of each subject within the lighting and propped environment of each location.

Vision: Miles Witt Boyer

I’ve always been amazed by the world around me. For all of the billions of people around the world who’s eyes work perfectly well it seems so few people take the time to see the beauty in a moment or a fleeting detail before it’s gone. Vision is so much more than just sight. Almost as is if in our culture the very word vision takes on a whole different meaning. Being able to see beyond what’s right in front of you. Being willing to understand light and dark, movement, change, and emotion. Vision is something we use to describe leaders. It’s the word be use to express everything from ambition to beauty. For our team vision is simply the challenge. To see the world around us in a way that expresses a moment is a tall task let alone do it in a way that provokes thought. Vision requires sight but it also requires thought. It requires a stillness to witness a moment and an instinct not to miss it.

This shot was taken just last week through the lens of one of our associate photographers (Delyn) in the reflections on a wooden bridge. The darkness and drama of the image are made simply by the slow steady drizzle of a rainy day and though this client was stunning the emotion in this capture perfectly sums up the story without needing to see every detail of her. Vision.

Even for the most talented of us it’s something we can only aspire to have in any given second and yet it’s likely something most of us hide from simply for the risk of failure. I’d suggest that any artist who becomes obsessed with vision will end up at some point with a camera in their hands. I only wish more of us took the time to understand the moment’s we capture and the vision behind them.

Vision: Jeff Bartlett

Whether I am photographing a vibrant landscape or a subtle detail, I do it with a single vision to help get people inspired, get them outside, and encourage them to explore the wonderful world we call home. Nothing inspires me like sunrise, as anything is possible and it’s rare to know what I’ll find – or what the light will do – until I am on location. It’s rare I leave anything but happy with the experience.

Vision: Ryan Struck

Vision: Nick LaVecchia

I spend a lot of my time in and under the surface of the ocean. By far my favorite view while swimming and shooting is from underneath the surface watching beautiful waves roll overhead and explode on the beach. This was shot on a clear winter day looking back to the beach in the British Virgin Islands.

Vision: Samuel Taipale

I always want to have a specific vision when I go out to shoot. It helps me to stay focused and allows me to create something new and exciting out of the ordinary. The vision also gives me the direction to what I want to get out of the photo. I love storms, and especially when all the different parts of nature plays their role well at the same time. I was in Roussillon, France when this storm started approaching us and I had this vision of getting the city to look dramatic under those dark clouds. Then all the pieces came together.

Vision: Daniel Taipale

Vision is the red line for your image taking. You have a vision of something and you go after it with your camera and try to capture the photo according to the vision. Sometimes you don’t end up with a photo that matches your vision, but it usually is a good guide and helps you to be creative in the moment.

Vision: Elisabeth Brentano

Vision is about going beyond your daily routine and seeing something refreshing and new. That’s exactly how I felt when I climbed aboard a helicopter for the first time and flew over the Canadian Rockies…

Vision: Travis Burke

Adventure doesn’t stop just because the sun goes down. My vision is to inspire people to see that beauty comes in all forms, day or night! Even when the most popular places become vacant at night, all you need is a couple lights and some imagination to create a whole different adventure. Get out there!  Location: Oneonta Gorge, Oregon.

Vision: Michael Teague

I snapped this on a recent trip to San Francisco when the fog came rolling in. I have other shots around the bridge but for the mission “Vision” this one spoke to me. Three years ago I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Liposarcoma. After many rounds of chemo therapy, radiation and what they call limb salvage surgery, my tumor-affected leg was still attached. It took me about six months of physical therapy to learn how to walk again. Once I was strong enough to do it on my own, I bought a camera and was off to make the images I see with a new lease on life. This image represents the days I spent in the hospital looking out the window wondering If I would ever see the sights others have.

Vision: Champ Cameron

Vision: Frank Lopez

Vision to me is the most important of the five senses and the most powerful. Being able to see the sunsets everyday or the faces of loved ones is something I’ll never take for granted. Having a camera that can freeze motion, see in low-light and capture it all is like having the ultimate vision.

Vision: Sarah Dawson

Vision: Kylie Turley

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