Storytellers Mission 5: Family

Lowepro Storytellers Mission: Family

Every month we challenge our Lowepro Storytellers with a mission.

We assign a word or phrase and they send us their visual interpretation. Because our group is spread all over the World, each with their very own style, we are always extremely excited to see what they have come up with.

The fifth Mission is Family. We are beyond excited to share these images with everyone and are already looking forward to next month’s Mission.

Family: Kyriakos Kaziras

Every year in September polar bears gather at Barter Island in the Beaufort Sea in northern Alaska. They expect the formation of the pack ice, which allows them to hunt the seals they need to survive. Females are most often family, with one or two cubs of the year or the previous year. The cubs spend most of their time playing with each other or with their mother. It is for them a real learning, especially for hunting. In this photo, a female polar bear plays with one of her cubs while the second seems very politely to say “Hello”.

Family: Florian Wagner

Three generation of eagle huntsmen in Mongolia. The “prime fathers” of falconry reside in western Mongolia in the Altai Mountains between China, Kazakhstan and Russia. The Mongols pass this type of hunting from generation to generation. The golden eagle is the strongest weapon of the Mongols. And as all weapons – they are symbols of power.

Family: Alessandra Meniconzi

It’s not easy to make people comfortable in front of a big lens and professional camera, but is possible. There is no secret technique for taking pictures with comfortable subjects, but it’s essential that you spend time with them. It’s also important to learn about social custom and traditions. Working in intimate situations you need a lot of time to discover each other.

“A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no awe, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.” – Agatha Christie

Canon EOS 5D Mark III | EF24-70mm f/2.8L II USM | 1/160 sec | f/16 | ISO 640 | Fill Flash

Family: Erwan Balança

This image was captured during a report on polar foxes; I spent two months that summer following a small family of seven young foxes. I spent 14-16 hours a day with the cubs, they had accepted me and would sometimes sleep against my camera bag.

Family: Giles Reboisson

China while on a climbing trip. While her mother was working, this little child was staring at the European climbers, looking for their way in the middle of nowhere.

Family: Peter Hawk

An old family picture. Father “Wolle” trains hard for Olympia. The housekeeper cleans the gun with original “Wummenoil”. Son “Bruno Bill” drives everyone mad. Sister-in-law “Teelinde” and her husband “Englando” browse the family chronicle and drink tea. Everything happens in the living room littered with leaves. It is five minutes to 12, our as we say…Family Time!

Family: Luke Massey

In my work I come across lots of different families, but the majority aren’t human. I try my best to document their behaviour and interactions with each other. In this photo – it is actually a 3 year old male leopard meeting his 4 month old brother. In the early days the mother would tolerate the older male being around but as her new cubs grew she became tired of his presence and became incredibly aggressive. It is rare to see adult male leopards, even if they are siblings, so close to young cubs so this was a special encounter to witness.

Family: Matthias Fend

This April we did a small ski-expedition to the highest mountain in Turkey: Mt. Ararat at 5,137m. Mount Ararat is a snow-capped and dormant compound volcano on the boarder of Iran and Armenia.

On our trip we met a lot of shepherds. Most of them were children, sent out because their parents cannot afford their education. Often they have to spend more than a week alone in the cold mountains to protect their sheep from wolves; but even in this condition they were always smiling. This was a good experience for me – and reminds us how thankful we should be for our life. I was very happy to see my family back home 🙂

Family: Andreas Kieling

I lived with wild Grizzly bears in Alaska again and again for 12 years. Some bears became good old friends at this time; I saw them every year and it was fantastic that the animals recognized me. Bears recognized the human scent and my voice. In all the years I saw a farrow with four cubs of a coastal brown bear only once. I had known this mother bear for over six years. It was her third family. She educated her cubs 3.5 years and three of them survived.

Family: Sim Mainey

This image entitled ‘Lad and Dad’ is of Ed Oxley and his son Nial. I’ve know the two of them for years and watched as Nial has gone from young boy following his Dad’s back wheel to becoming a World Cup racer with his Dad trying to keep up.

Family: Bruno Calendini

The “Rabaris” are a nomadic people of India; camel and sheep herders. I met this family and his flock along a road in the northwest of the country. Young lambs, too slow and too weak to follow the caravan are hanging in bags, at the flanks of the camels.

Family: Thilo Brunner

Family: Alastair Lee

When it comes to family it’s all about my kids, this is a shot I took of Rosie, now six months old, just minutes after she was born. I used a sepia effect to take out some of the harsh red blotches typical of a newborn. I like this image as I think it really shows the bond between a mother and child that is so special, not to mention important.

Family: Elisa & Max

King’s canyon, Australia

Family: Hugo Pedel

In french rural towns, pork delicatessen is traditionally home-made. All the family members get their hands dirty for a long day of work, usually finished by a large communal meal with the fresh products and some good wine.

Family: Tom Bunning

Having recently lost my grandmother, I took my grandfather to the coast for a day. I took this frame of a gentlemen who’d spent the day on his own. I’m so lucky to have the family I have and the years we spent with my grandmother on what I remember as the perfect English summer holidays.

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