“If My Bag Could Talk” with Landscape Photographer Joseph Roybal

If my bag could talk, it would tell me how capable it is carrying a lot of gear and being the perfect all-around pack for city shooting to all day excursions in the backcountry.

This bag has quickly become my favorite go-to bag for several reasons, namely: not having to take it off to access my camera and lenses. When looking for a bag that fits my needs the first and foremost feature I look for is how easily can I access my camera and lenses while still being comfortable. For me I need to be able to get to my gear without requiring me to take my bag off and set it down in the dirt, sand, water, snow; any crazy weather element you can imagine is where I am shooting and I simply cannot afford damage to gear and/or wet clothes. What I love about the ProTactic 450AW are the two side entry compartments that I can access while keeping the bag on my back and waistbelt cinched.

Another awesome feature this bag allows is the adaptation of the Street and Field Deluxe Technical Belt which opens this bags possibilities up immensely. The team at Lowepro was awesome and helped me retrofit this belt in place of the standard waist belt that was a little too lightweight for me and my needs and this belt with its optional filter pouch, lens pouch, water bottle holder and gear pouch is awesome! You can see in the photo how the bag looks with the belt and optional accessories attached. I had a local shop in Denver help me stitch Velcro in place on the new belt to match the exact location on the standard belt to help prevent slippage.

What is always in my bag:

  • Nikon D800
  • Nikon D600 (not pictured)
  • CF Memory Cards
  • Spare Batteries for camera and AA/AAA’s for electronics
  • Dust Blower
  • Nikon 50mm f/1.8
  • Nikon 35mm f/2.8
  • Nikon 20mm f/2.8
  • Nikon 70-300 f/4-5.6
  • Locating Beacon
  • Garmin GPS
  • Grad ND and Vari-ND Filters
  • Nikon SB-600
  • Headlamps x2
  • Travel Umbrella
  • Rain Jacket or other Layer
  • Dry Pair of Socks
  • Water Canteen
  • Knife
  • Tripod (attached)
  • Snacks

I have been working with this bag for several weeks now and love it: it displaces the load like a champ and carries so much of my gear that I depend on while out in the field shooting. When I leave my car I need to know I can be safely and efficiently be away from a few minutes to several hours. Many of the items shown are always in my bag and a few that vary by season are more cold weather gear like gloves, beanie, hand/feet warmers. I also modified the Street and Field Filter Pouch to hold my small travel umbrella, headlamp and some athletic tape for a sprain or strain just in case.

All in all, this bag can do it… all. I have been using it in city shoots as well as long hikes and it is a champ.

Joseph is an amazing photographer well versed in the art of painting with light! Check out more of his incredible work below and on his social channels!

JosephRoybal.com | Workshops |Facebook | Twitter Instagram | Pinterest | Google+

Amanda Pollard

About Amanda Pollard

Amanda Pollard is the WW Communications Manager for Lowepro. She's a drone enthusiast, who not only loves aerial photography but FPV as well. You can usually find her lurking around Lowepro's social media, writing blogs, and trying to find ways to give bags away. You can reach Amanda at apollard@daymen.com


  • Brent says:

    Curious to know how tall you are? Would this bag be suitable for someone with a 20″ torso?


    • Amanda Pollard says:

      Hi Brent,
      We’re not sure just how tall Joseph is, but the ProTactic 450 AW measures in at 19.21″ in height.
      Cheers! – Amanda

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