When we set out to create a bag we felt worthy enough to describe as “born on the side of a mountain”, we took the task to heart and reached out to some of the most experienced working professionals we knew. We wanted this bag to be the best all-season pack we ever created. That meant we had to test the limits, design like our lives depended on it, and create something truly spectacular. So we invite you to take a closer look at the details of Whistler: its design inspiration, its construction, and the mountain that called to us – challenging us to create something rugged enough to take on its famed name.

Amanda Pollard

About Amanda Pollard

Amanda Pollard is the WW Communications Manager for Lowepro. She's a drone enthusiast, who not only loves aerial photography but FPV as well. You can usually find her lurking around Lowepro's social media, writing blogs, and trying to find ways to give bags away. You can reach Amanda at apollard@daymen.com

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