We are truly honored that Mike “Rooftop” Escamilla is a Loweprofessional.

A legendary BMX rider, stuntman and host, Mike will jump out of planes, off bridges and tangle with cobras, all to capture and immerse himself in the subject and adventure. And to get the shot.

A contributing photographer for the New York Times and sponsored GoPro athlete & shooter, Mike travels to every corner of the globe to capture and participate in his passion.

Scroll down to get an exclusive look at Mike’s curated and awesome images, plus the stories behind each shot. And if you want more of Mike, check out his Instagram (Rolling Stone included him in its 100 Best Instagram Accounts) and Twitter.

“I was tasked with the challenge to shoot baseball from a different light for New York Times Magazine. This was one of the photos that went to print. The camera was mounted on the side of the catcher’s mask. Matt Kemp was cranking balls into left field during batting practice for Dodgers Spring Training in Arizona.”

“I’m not sure what this was for, but my friend and professional skateboarder is here singing his heart out with his band Revolution Mother.”

“Being a professional bike rider, I spend countless hours in the car searching for new stuff to ride. This is my road dog, Jason Enns. We spent about 40 hours a week riding in my car in search of new spots when we are both home and in town. I remember we were headed back from San Diego and saw this little fence ride right before it got too dark to see. We rushed to get a quick snap. Jason landed on my flash and pieces went everywhere. It was pretty funny.”

“This is Paul Luna. Professional skateboarder. Photographer. Adventurer. And friend. I first met Paul when I was about 11. Little did I know we would spend more the two-thirds of our lives traveling, laughing, and bleeding together. Here he’s doing a fakie wallride at a place called sunken city. It’s reminiscent of a cliff-side community that fell into the sea many decades ago.”

“On assignment for New York Times again; this time shooting the Oracle team for the Americas Cup. I believe I was the first photographer allowed on the boat during training for the race. Here’s a shot from the top of the sail. I knew nothing about this boat race or any sailing at all before I stepped on this boat. I have never in my life seen such athletes work together as a team. Everyone has a purpose and everyone is good at their job. It was inspiring and exhausting to watch them do what they do.”

“I think this was 2006, somewhere in a back room of a club, andTony Hawk gives an interview about the car race around the world: The Gumball Rally. We had raced it earlier that year. It took place on three in less then one week. It was an amazing time. And it will always be one of the best trips of my entire life.”


Never dull. Always amazing. Mike Escamilla IS the adventure! Please check him out. #betheadventure

Thanks much Mike!

Katrina Neill

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