Finding the Perfect Pack for the Weekend Wanderer

Whether you’re preparing for a grueling hike or attending a food festival, picking the right bag for your weekend activities is almost as important as deciding where you’re going. Will you be able to squeeze in everything you need? And what do you actually need?

Photo credit: Taylor Burk

The original Photo Sport was my first “adventure” pack, and it’s perfect for day hikes and car camping, which is how I spend most of my weekends. I recently got my hands on the new Photo Sport BP 300 AW II, and it might be even better than its predecessor. It’s lighter, you can cram plenty of clothes and other essentials in the main compartment and there’s still a spot for your tripod and water bottle. If you’re not carrying large lenses and a ton of extras, other great options include the brand new Slingshot Edge bags and the Fastpack BP 250 AW II, the latter of which has room for a 15” laptop.

Going somewhere wild with a bunch of gear? The tough new Whistler bags have all sorts of awesome features, and odds are you won’t even be able to fill every single compartment. If Loweprofessional Paul Morrison can fit his skis on the side of this backpack, one can only imagine what you’ll be able to do with the storage space. Another great option is the Pro Trekker 450 AW, which accommodates two DSLRs and an assortment of lenses. Not only does it have room for a 15” laptop, but you can strap equipment to the bottom and there’s still a designated spot in the middle of the bag for your tripod. Best adventure bag ever? It’s certainly a contender…

If you’re not trekking into the mountains with thousands of dollars worth of glass, you’re probably looking for a lightweight and stylish bag for a point-and-shoot or a small DSLR. I love the Photo Hatchback series, and the 16L AW (pictured above) is my pick for weekend wanderings when I’m taking it easy. Not only is it comfortable to wear, but it converts to a daypack to give you even more space.

If backpacks aren’t your thing and you’re more of an urban explorer, take a peek at the Passport
Sling III. It’s a cross-body bag that fits perfectly against your side without flapping around when you walk. You can squeeze a DSLR with a small to medium lens in here, along with a tablet and other essentials. Looking for something just a little bit roomier? The Event Messenger 150 will accommodate all of the above plus an additional lens and camera accessories.

Lowepro Storyteller Elisabeth Brentano is a blogger and photographer based in Los Angeles, California but her wanderlust takes her all over the world to capture landscapes and wildlife. Be sure to follow along in her Lowepro blog series “Weekend Wanderer” and catch her travels on Instagram.

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