Storytellers Mission 8: Fall

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Lowepro Storytellers Mission: Fall

Every month we challenge our Lowepro Storytellers with a mission.

We assign a word or phrase and they show us their visual interpretation. Because our group is spread all over the World, each with their very own style, we are always extremely excited to see what they have come up with.

The Mission for September is “Fall” and the images below are astonishing!

Fall: Jerm Cohen

“If you live in New York city, I’d highly suggest to rent a car and scramble to the to Eastern Pennsylvania for a weekend, where leaves will fall right in your hand.  Just make sure you’ll be ready to take a picture of it… like I was.”

Fall: Viktoria Haack

“I love Fall because it brings the mystery of mist.”

Fall: Al Lee

“Autumn is the season of change, of falling blood red leaves, cooler temperatures, morning mist and pink skies. You don’t need to travel far for a great image at this time of year, well not in east Lancashire. I took this one on my driveway this morning.”

Fall: Daisy Gilardini


“In the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia Canada, one of the wildest places in America, every fall the miracle of renewal takes place. In this extremely delicate and intricate ecosystem the ocean’s creatures meet and fertilize the forest.

The salmon returns to the rivers where they were born to spawn. Waiting for the autumn feast are the bears, grizzly, black and the elusive Spirit Bear. The Kermode Bear (Ursus americanus kermodei) is one of the rarest bears in the world. It is a black bear that has a white/creamy fur, which is produced by a recessive gene. Almost impossible to spot during the rest of the year, the Spirit Bear appears along the rivers in September/October to fish. The salmon carcases left on the forest floor will be eaten by other creatures such as pine martens, gulls, eagles and the leftovers will be absorbed by the forest in a perfectly balanced circle of life. Unfortunately this region is now at great risk as a project to build a pipeline to transport bitumen from the Alberta tar-sands to the coast, where super tankers will then transport it to the Asian market to be refined has been approved.  Beside the scars left in the forest, the risk of a spill is just question of time and would mean the destruction of an entire ecosystem which depends on the sea and the salmon.

As environmental photographers it is our duty to capture the beauty of places at risk and try to bring awareness to the public.”

Fall: Kristian Bogner

“We had a longer than normal autumn in the Rocky Mountains this year and trees were full and dazzling with colour.  I found myself starting to shoot landscape type images and then experimenting with zooming and rotating or shaking my camera with an exposure length of about 1/40sec to create some abstract artistic images with the colours.  I felt like I was painting each image with brush strokes.  I had a lot of fun with this and created this entire effect in camera, including cranking my saturation and vivid picture control setting on my Nikon D750.  I can’t wait to print this one on canvas.”

Fall: Craig Pulsifer

Blood Moon on the Wane

“The September 27, 2015 Total Lunar Eclipse was the grand finale in a series of four total lunar eclipses called the lunar tetrad. The first three eclipses of the tetrad took place on April 15, 2014, October 8, 2014 and on April 4, 2015.  The effect happens when the shadow of the Earth passes over a Full Moon and the Sun’s rays are bent through the Earth’s atmosphere, creating a red reflection on the moon’s surface.

Oddly, these dates coincide with four recent Jewish lunar calendar festivals: twice on Passover (in the Spring) and twice on Succoth (Fall).  Some Christians believe this to be a literal fulfilment of an old prophesy: “The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD.”  (Joel 2:31)

Regardless of where we stand on the matter, it is probably good to remember to keep short accounts and enjoy the view.”

Fall: Florian Wagner

“’Gut Schwaiganger’ is a competence center for horse breeding in Bavaria with focus on German horses such as the Trakehner, Haflinger, etc. near my hometown Oberammergau in Bavaria. In the background you find the ‘Zugspitze’, Germany’s highest mountain. For this shot I flew a prototype version of the Black Snapper quadcopter, which built for me to use at high altitude.”

Fall: Kyriakos Kaziras

“The leaves do not fall in the autumn in the African savannah. There are only two alternate seasons, the dry season and the rainy season. Under this autumn stormy sky, giraffes wait for the rain that will grow green the bush.”

Fall: Michael Teague

“Two friends and I came up with this crazy idea to fly to Oregon, drive as far as we can. sleep as little as we can and shoot as much as humanly possible in the month of September. Well, we did and it was craziness. This photo was taken on day two of our 4 day adventure as we met with fellow Instagramer and he led us to some epic waterfalls. This is Gorton Creek Falls and My freind Jhamil showing us the way. This was a bit of a nutty slippery hike as it’s always lush, green and wet in Oregon but we made it and was it oh so beautiful. As a native southern Californian I really do appreciate the chance to get out and experience what other states have to offer. I’m really looking forward to getting out there and traveling more and more here in the very near future, with my trusty Nikon cradled in my Lowepro bag of course.”

Fall: Frank Lopez

“Autumn marks the beginning of a change in time that not only can be felt but also seen whether it be in the color of leaves or the landscapes that surround us. A vivid color spectrum of bright yellows to dark browns, like never before seen, paint Mother Nature in such a beautiful way, one can’t help but fall in love.”

Fall: Joseph Roybal

“Fall to me brings with it a full sense of change as it signals the ending of nature’s growth for that year and a transition for me photographically. This year I have had a strong pull to deserts and creating beauty in these harsh and arid environments, locations we typically do not think of for fall photography. New Mexico has some of the most stunning and gorgeous landscapes we can work with and being on these sacred lands shooting and sleeping under the stars was magical.”

Fall: Glenn Bartley

Fall in the Pacific Northwest.

Fall: Cole Beal

“You may ask how this applies to Fall, but in San Diego this is our fall. Surfing with your buddies in your trunks until it’s dark. Waking up and doing it all again. These are the days we live for when it’s as warm as summer but the waves are as fun as winter. There’s no better season than Fall to me.”

Fall: Samuel Taipale

The Fall of the Moon

“One of those experiences that I will never going to forget. People have talked, calculated, planned and gotten crazy about seeing the moon turning red. For me, I took it as a challenge from the photography point of view, how to tell a story with such a simple, yet extraordinary event. I have seen similar photos taken, but I’m happy to have that photo in my own collection as well. Since the moon in the cartoon is always made out of cheese, I think the blood moon must be Norwegian brown cheese!”

Fall: David & Quinn Cheung

“Our bride, Karen, was a designer working in NY, managing high fashion and the pressures of Fashion Week and impossible deadlines.  Far away from all that, she is perfectly elegant on her fall wedding day here in her hometown of Calgary, Alberta Canada.”

Fall: Elisabeth Brentano

“From the color of the leaves to the fact that everything comes in pumpkin flavor, what’s not to love about fall?”

Fall: Alessandra Meniconzi

“Nenets migrating twice a year, hauling their tents and belongings on wooden sleds for up to 1,000 kilometres in all. Following ancient routes from the Arctic tundra pastures in summer, they head south to the more protected sub-Arctic taiga ready for winter. Sledges are used both in winter on the snow and in summer on the grass; during migrations several sledges are tied together to form a caravan. The reindeer is a powerful and robust animal, able to travel long distances, even when pulling up to twice its own body weight.”

Fall: Michael Hanson

“Larch trees in full effect in the Pasayten Wilderness of Washington.”

Fall: Ryan Struck

“Fall to me means cool crisp mornings and plenty of waves. The sun becomes a bit less harsh and we get those really pleasing “golden hours” that sometimes last a bit longer. New York has had a solid run of swell from Hurricane Joaquin, and hopefully there is more in store!”

Fall: Sim Mainey

“Autumn is the perfect time of year to head for the mountains. It’s a season of change and drama that seems suited to the stage of jaw-dropping peaks and staggering terrain. Last year myself and my regular partner in adventures Dave travelled to the Italian Alps in search of trails before they disappeared below the snow for another year. After days of grey sky and rain we were treated to the first snow of the season and the vibrant colours of a landscape about to go into hibernation.”

Fall: Jeff Bartlett

“The easy answer is Autumn is about stunning colours. The mountains transform during this season; however, the splash of yellow and orange is always secondary in my mind. Personally, autumn brings a sense of urgency. It’s a short window of time when forgotten summer projects, long distance hikes, and backcountry adventures can be completed before the snow flies and we settle in for another 5-months of winter.  This image is from Jasper National Park’s Tonquin Valley. It was a last minute hike in October and we were rewarded for our efforts. For three days, we didn’t see another person as we photographed the legendary Rampart Mountains.”

Fall: Andreas Kieling

“At the end of September and through the beginning of October the Red Deer is bellowing. Every animal has an individual pitch of voice and they can recognize each other by their voice. The rut lasts for approximately 3 weeks. Among deer it always centers around the same question – who is the top dog?  All of them have one thing in common, they want to mate with as many does as possible to spread their genes.”

Fall: Erika Skogg

Fall: Tom Bunning

Fall: Erwan Balança

“The salamander is a discrete amphibian, in autumn wet and mild nights are favourable for it’s observation. To photograph this one I was lying on the wet floor on a river side, and waited patiently. When I realized this image I wanted to get a special atmosphere in line with the mythology. In the legends, salamanders are a creature with powers, it is deemed to live and bathe in fire. It is the fall foliage with their warm colors, have allowed me to get a second color scheme evoking the flames.”

Fall: Elisa & Max

Belfort, Franche-Comté

Fall: Gilles Reboisson

“On Pinterest #autumn looks like orange leaves on the ground. To find something different, I just spent few hours looking around me, waiting for something to happen. In these stairs, it’s hard to define if you go up or go down, isn’t it? After waiting for somebody to pass by, I have the pic. Thank you Cartier-Bresson to show us the way.”

Fall: Hugo Pedel

“Before the first snowfalls, the variety of tree species create gorgeous blend of colors, here in Chartreuse, French Alps.”

Fall: Thilo Brunner

“It’s always worth it. At six o’clock in the morning in June we had been climbing up the Cir peaks in the Dolomites to get every planned shot of the day done for an editorial shoot for Focus magazine.”

Fall: Kylie Turley

“Yosemite National Park is quiet in the Fall and I love it that way.”

Fall: Miles Witt Boyer

“Fall means so many things to a wedding photographer. We tend to spend a lot of time on the road and on a plane this time of year watching brides walk down the aisle all over the place but there’s something about a southern bride that feels like fall to me. This shot was taken last Saturday at beautiful southern wedding in Arkansas. The colors haven’t really changed yet, but the weather and the sun is about as “fall” as it gets in the Arkansas and through the dust and 75 degree weather this capture was actually the last photo I took on Saturday. Covering events in 19 months this year but it’s my very favorite time of year for a wedding and for as much as we love being on the road, nothing says fall like a southern wedding close to home.”

Fall: Michael Hanson

“Being from the South, Fall means football. I don’t spend too much time watching it but it’s there in warm, glowing houses. It’s a tradition and there’s comfort in that tradition. To ranchers on the east side of the continental divide in Montana, it means winter is approaching. There’s a light dusting of snow on the hay bails at the Gustafson’s ranch. They work quickly and efficiently as the light fades earlier in the evening. Soon, there will be more snow and the work will be more difficult. For a family of ranchers, this shift is welcomed. It means more time in the house with the family. More quiet time around a fire. For now, Fall is that comfortable time between the dark winter and the hectic summer.”

Fall: Hunter McRae

“Fall colors surround Lake Eden during the Lake Eden Arts Festival, an outdoor music and arts festival in Black Mountain, NC that I have been attending since I was a teenager and which I am now lucky enough to photograph. LEAF builds community, connects cultures, enriches lives through the arts – locally and globally – with this festival, community events and arts education programs. Since my hometown at the beach rarely experiences a change in scenery during the Autumn months, I love to travel to the mountains in October to photograph this festival and all the beautiful, rich color it provides.”

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