“If my bag could talk, it would probably say that it has a pretty exciting life, is very hard working, extremely well travelled, and keeps a lot of amazing Nikon equipment safe every single day!”

My photography takes me from shooting expeditions in far away places and amazing faces, to high-end real estate, jets and cars, to landscapes and back to Olympic athletes, extreme sports, and fashion. So having a versatile camera bag is incredibly important… in fact, it’s a necessity, and I honestly would feel naked on a shoot without my Lowepro.

I have trusted Lowepro as my camera bag of choice for my entire professional career and it has literally always had my back. I actually still have my first Lowepro Orion AW Pack that I’ve probably had for 20 years and it’s in great shape… that’s some serious quality. I have had many different Lowepro bags since then, but these days my main camera bag is my Pro Trekker 450 AW. It fits as an airplane carry-on and can hold all the gear I require on my big commercial shoots, while being extremely comfortable and functional. I use this pack 90% of the time and it’s by far the best one I have ever owned. Lowepro really listens to its pro photographers, because their bags get better and better each generation, and this Pro Trekker really has it all.

I did a big two-week trip to Nepal last year where we trekked, mountain biked and white water rafted throughout the country. Each day was a pretty hardcore-filled day and my pack was filled to the max. We never stayed at the same place twice, so we literally had to carry everything we needed for the day with us. I even wore my Pro Trekker mountain biking and I was amazed how comfortable it was despite the weight of all my gear. This trip was grueling and my Lowepro was an absolute workhorse throughout.

About 10% of the time, when I’m not lugging so much gear, and adventuring in some way like skiing, touring, biking or hiking in the Canadian Rockies where I live, my Lowepro Rover Pro 45L AW is the pack I grab. It allows me to carry one or two bodies and a few zoom lenses. Even my 70-200mm attached to my Nikon, as well as an extra jacket, water bladder, avalanche gear, or whatever I need for a day of playing in the mountains. It’s really lightweight and fits extremely comfortably while protecting my gear from the elements. My Rover Pro gives me freedom and I love it more and more each time I take it out.

Whats inside my bag (Pro Trekker 450AW) on an average day.

  • Nikon D4s and/or Nikon D750
  • Nikon D810 or D800E and MB-D12 Grip
  • Nikon 16mm f/2.8D Fisheye Lens
  • Nikon 14-24mm AF-S f/2.8G ED Lens
  • Nikon 24mm AF-S f/1.4G ED Lens
  • Nikon 24-70mm AF-S f/2.8G ED Lens
  • Nikon 50mm AF-S f/1.4G Lens
  • Nikon 85mm AF-S f/1.4G Lens and/or Nikon 105mm AF-S VR f/2.8G Macro Lens
  • Nikon 70-200mm AF-S VR II f/2.8G ED Lens
  • Nikon AF-S Teleconverter TC 20E III
  • 1 or 2 Nikon SB-910 Flashes
  • Nikon MC-20 Cable Release or Nikon WR-R10 + WR-A10 Wireless Remote
  • Princeton Tec Apex Headlamp
  • Flex TT5 and Mini TT1 Pocketwizards
  • Broncolor RFS 2.1 Transmitter
  • Rodenstock Circular-Polar Polarizing Filter
  • Extra Batteries, Chargers, Memory Cards
  • Sennheiser EW 100G3 Wireless Mics and/or Shotgun Mic
  • Foldable Circular White/Silver Reflector

I can also reconfigure to fit my Nikon 300mm AF-S f/2.8G ED VR II lens when I need it.

Sometimes attached/inside:

  • Manfrotto 055CXPRO4 Tripod
  • Camelbak Water Bladder
  • Apple Laptop

Trusted, Dependable, Ergonomic, Tough as Nails, Functional and Professional is what Lowepro means to me.

Kristian Bogner is an incredibly talented professional photographer, Nikon Canada ambassador, speaker, and three-time Photographer of the Year for Canada. Be sure to view more of his incredible work across his social channels below. 

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Amanda Pollard is the WW Communications Manager for Lowepro. She's a drone enthusiast, who not only loves aerial photography but FPV as well. You can usually find her lurking around Lowepro's social media, writing blogs, and trying to find ways to give bags away. You can reach Amanda at apollard@daymen.com

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