$100k for 100k Facebook fans

To celebrate reaching 100,000 fans on our Facebook page we’re giving $100,000 USD of product back to the photography community!

We’ve chosen to give the photographers of HeARTs Speak the gift of bags to help them in their mission of providing professional photograpy to shelter pets helping them find their forever homes; and bringing attention to the plight of the shelters and animals within them.

Because we believe their mission is of the upmost importance HeARTs Speak photographers will be recieving $100K of our finest expression of protective construction – the Echelon Series!

And to say thank you to our amazing fans, we will hold a sweepstakes on Facebook. One lucky entrant from our 100K fans will win a full Echelon set! To enter, simply “ like” our page if you haven’t already, and leave a comment on our post announcing the giveaway.

From all of us at Lowepro to all of you who enjoy our products, we’d like to say THANK YOU, because without you, we wouldn’t be here 49 years after we first began dreaming up ways to Carry, Organize and Protect your gear.

Amanda Pollard

About Amanda Pollard

Amanda Pollard is the WW Communications Manager for Lowepro. She's a drone enthusiast, who not only loves aerial photography but FPV as well. You can usually find her lurking around Lowepro's social media, writing blogs, and trying to find ways to give bags away. You can reach Amanda at apollard@daymen.com


  • lisa mclain says:

    thank you so much! All of the HeARTS Speak members work so hard and with so much HEART, it’s wonderul to be recognized!

  • Jackie says:

    Thank you Lowepro! Not only for the generous gift but for the recognition as well!

  • Andrea says:

    AMAZING! What a beautiful gift!! Thank you Lowepro for supporting both HeARTs Speak and the many, many animals that will benefit from your generous donation. Thank you!!!!!

  • Antonia says:

    As a member of Hearts Speak, I want to say thank you! Your support and gift is very much appreciated.

  • Lily Wong says:

    Thank you, Lowepro! Honored to be a volunteer shelter photographer and bring out the beauty & personality of each shelter dog. Proud to be a part of this amazing community.

  • Diana says:

    You guys ROCK! Thank you so much Lowepro for your kind generosity to HeARTs Speak. Your wonderful gift will help so many members. I can’t wait to receive my new bag. As Lisa said, “I’ll carry my Lowepro bag proudly!”

  • HeARTs Speak says:

    From every single member of our global artist community: thank you, Lowepro! This generous gift is going to help fuel the lifesaving work of our members, and we’re so honored to have been chosen. With your help we can shine a light on every shelter pet.

  • Jill Flynn says:

    THANK YOU Lowepro for your generous donation to HeARTs Speak and for supporting our mission, so we can continue to shine the light on shelter and rescue animals and help them find their forever homes!

  • Karen Ortiz says:

    Wow, what an honor for Hearts Speak!! Thank you so much for recognizing them and the hard work they do to promote shelter animals. I can’t wait to receive my new bag! I have always used a Lowepro bag to carry my equipment and have used it long and hard. I tried one of those fancy camera purses once and it couldn’t compare to my Lowepro, so it sits on the shelf. Thank you!!!

  • For the last four years I’ve been a volunteer photographer at the Jackson County Animal Shelter. We have a wonderful volunteer program called FOTAS that strive to collectively and compassionately improve and save the lives of all local stray and owner surrendered animals. Programs sponsored include: dog handling training classes, shelter dog playgroups, pit mix advocacy and rehabilitation programs – “Pit Crew”, feral cat spay/neuter catch and release, fund a need for homeless pet vet care and licensing, shot clinics, low cost spay/neuter, yearly free cat adoption event, low cost/free adoption for long time shelter animals, and much much more.

  • Thank you so much Lowepro, we are so honored and grateful that you’ve chosen to celebrate this major milestone with HeARTs Speak! Our members work so hard to help animals in shelters find the homes they all so deserve, so your gift is very well deserved and much appreciated. We will proudly carry our equipment in our NEW bags across the globe and share with the world what a fantastic and generous company you are. Thank you!

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