Storytellers Mission 9: Gather

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 Lowepro Storytellers Mission: Gather

Every month we challenge our Lowepro Storytellers with a mission.

We assign a word or phrase and they show us their visual interpretation. Because our group is spread all over the World, each with their very own style, we are always extremely excited to see what they have come up with.

The Mission for November is “Gather” and the images below are varied and beautiful!

Gather: Alessandra Meniconzi

“In Siberia the largest herds of domestic reindeer in the world are found (665,000 animals). It was not easy to take this photo showing the herd from behind. Reindeer are very shy and do not approach people. But the worst problem was the cold that reached -35° Celsius. I didn’t think about my breath… and after a while my camera was icy. No way to take a photo, no way to move any button. All was covered with a thin layer of icy breath! To get all my camera working again I used several thermal bags.”

Gather: Nick LaVecchia

“We as surfers do this daily for the most part.  Gathering in the lineup, waiting for waves and watching the sun disappear below the horizon. People along most coastlines in the world are doing this exact same thing.  Gathering together to enjoy the ocean’s energy and watching the sun rise and set.”

Gather: Michael Teague

“Recently I’ve been experimenting with smoke grenades paired with unique compositions. I had this great idea to pop one off at the Slauson Metro station in downtown Los Angeles. A few friends and I met here late one evening and went exploring. Since I had driven by this so many times I all ready had a composition picked out based on the unique light the bridge posed. This is a hot spot for local photographers so I knew I had to do something completely unique and my own. So… we set the composition and gathered around with our cameras and this is one of my best shots of the night.”

Gather: Daisy Gilardini

“For the last 18 years in November  – almost as a ritual migration – I have been draw to Antarctica and the Sub Antarctic Islands to witness and document the changes of one of the most remote and pristine areas of our globe.

As a wildlife photographer South Georgia is simply heaven!  Photographing hundred of thousands of King penguins gathered in their rookery is a real challenge. Overwhelmed by the grandeur of the breathtaking landscape and the cuteness of the little chicks one has to transcend the usual and obvious wide-angle shot. Knowing the subject and its behaviours helps the photographer to stop and look for specific situations. Juvenile king penguins are left alone in the rookery while the parents are at sea fishing. They gather in groups called crèches and in extreme cold they curl up together to keep warm. Once the parents return they call their chick which recognizes them by the sound of their song.”

Gather: Luke Pearsall

“When I worked as an Adventure Guide in South America I became fascinated with how tourists gather in the same spots to take the same photographs of the same thing.  This lead me to begin what has been an ongoing project in my life which I have aptly refer to as “Tourists.”

The image that you see here is from the Louvre in Paris, France.  I, like any other tourists walked through Paris in search of the cliche’d landmarks and historically relevant pieces of art, one of these being the famed Mona Lisa.  I however was never really interested as much in the place or the item as much as I was intrigued at photographing the masses of people who would gather in front of them with their cellphones, selfie sticks and camera’s, dying to take a picture and get that proof that a tourist needs to affirm that they were at the Eiffel Tower or in the same room at the Louvre as the Mona Lisa.

When everyone shoots in one direction my natural inclination is toturn around and photograph them.  Walking into the room with the Mona Lisa was like hitting a jackpot for my tourist images.  I admit I took a photograph of her too and if you want to see that just google Mona Lisa, she never really changes much.  The people gathered to view her were the most priceless thing to me in a room full of priceless artwork.  Thanks Mona for the assist on this one.

If you look close enough you can see our main subject at least has his gear protected well!”

Gather: Kyriakos Kaziras

“In October in the Beaufort Sea , bears gather pending the formation of sea ice.”

Gather: Kylie Turley

“People from all over the world attach love locks to the bridge next to the Notre Dame in Paris, France, filling every gap and space with a new dream. Tossing keys into the river below, we are united in hopefulness that wishes will be granted and good fortune will come our way. This simple act symbolizes humanity’s innate desire to be happy and share love.”

Gather: Glenn Fajota

“It took several months to get access to this viewpoint above Grand Central Terminal, NYC. 750,000 commuters pass through here daily and over a million during the holidays.”

Gather: Erwan Balança 

“I wanted to photograph a red squirrel carrying a nut, but I especially wanted to achieve a dynamic image that emphasizes the physical capacity of this incredible acrobat. Red squirrels spend up to 80/100 energy to find food. They hide in many places their habitat seeds and dried fruits in anticipation of winter. To achieve this photograph I installed a lookout in the woods frequented by this little animal and for several weeks I have regularly prepared food in a stump. It then took several days of waiting in my lookout before managing to enter the scene but also a very fast shutter speed, 1 / 3000s, to enter this fast animal neat way. For him it was a bargain and an opportunity to gather a nice amount of hazelnut!”

Gather: Joseph Roybal

A Peruvian woman works her farm gathering feed for her horses before the storm; Huaraz, Peru.
“I love taking travel portraits while in the field and as a landscape photographer, having the opportunity to blend the human element into a grand landscape makes for a fun and interesting perspective. What I love most about travel portraiture is the glimpse into the everyday lives of these individuals and being able to bring these home and share with others.”

Gather: Viktoria Haack
“To gather: assemble, collect, accumulate. Gathering thoughts & emotions”

Gather: Andreas Kieling

“The largest colonies of king penguins on earth live in south Georgia, in the Antarctic. Some consist of more than half a million animals. The parents are often gone for days and the youngsters do not get any food. During this time they stop growing. Only when the parents come back with predigested fish, the young penguins are well fed. In these huge colonies, parents and their young ones find each other by recognizing their specific cheeping noises. Due to the irregular feeding it takes up to one year until the young penguins fledge and every gathering becomes an event.”

Gather: Ryan Struck
“What’s better than grabbing a few friends and heading to the show?! I love the energy of the Stone Pony’s Summer Stage in Asbury Park!”

Gather: Florian Wagner

“On our way crossing Germany on horseback we had a number of remarkable moments with the people we met. At this wonderful evening we were guests of Anne Kroker at her family`s place called “Fjorde vom Gleisberg“. The horses joined us for a beer at the campfire. Loved it :)”

Gather: Kristian Bogner
“I was in Ladakh India up at over 16,000 ft. shooting Nomads and I came across this “Gathering” of Pashmina Goats.  It was both hilarious and awesome, they would line up one by one to double-hop over the river at this one rock.  I used a bit of flash fill and pushed my Nikon using high ISO to capture this image.”

Gather: Emily Polar
“A Tibetan woman gathers barley with a smile in Northern India. This staple grain is all that grows in the high altitude mountains of Ladakh. Barley is like gold here. Ground into a flour and used in soups or made into dumplings, noodles, porridge and beer! Long days working in the fields don’t go without well deserved Chhaang (barley beer) breaks.”

Gather: Craig Pulsifer
“Rainbow Gatherings – a neo-pagan extension of the 1960’s free love movement – involve the intentional assembly of shamans, spiritists, eco-hippies and other counter-culture individuals forming a temporary community to celebrate the elements of creation. This particular  event, held at an undisclosed beach on Vancouver Island, saw some 200 members of the ‘Rainbow Family’ gather during the full moon of August to uphold the concept of unity, love and human potential for many days on end.  Groovy, eh.”

Gather: Erika Skogg

“There is something about the setting sun that calls people together. As a travel photographer, I love when I can turn the camera off of the foreign cultures and on to my own. The word, gather, reminds me of being with friends during the warm Wisconsin summer nights as this fall brings us closer to winter’s solitude.”

Gather: Hunter McRae
“This image represents a universal desire together with friends, creating community, a sense of belonging, and a bonding oneness with your fellow neighbors that only time together can create. At the end of a four-day backpacking journey to the top of Mount Elgon in Uganda, my husband and I hiked through a small African village nestled at the foot of the mountain. This group of men in a hut by the road invited us to join them in enjoying a ceremonious drinking ritual.”

Gather: Dave Cheung

“We had just arrived at a small village in the sub-saharan dessert just south of Mali when we came across these children picking rocks.  We found out later they had been tasked with gathering rocks to fill in the broken floors of their classrooms we’d visit the next day. “

Gather: Elisabeth Brentano
“A honey bee soaks up the last light of the day while collecting pollen.”

Gather: Ben Sasso

Gather: Max Grubb of the Miles Witt Boyer Photographic Collective
“This challenge was a tough one. We spend most of our lives at “gatherings” watching people “gather” their emotions. There was so many ways to view this word, but the reality was that what we love about our jobs is the chances we have to contrast an emotional moment with a neat location. This shot was taken by one of our associate photographers – Max – in the Rocky Mountain National Park just a week and a half ago on an engagement session he flew in for. Pretty neat watching the elk graze right behind where they were shooting.”

Gather: Jeff Bartlett
“I cannot think of a better word than gather to describe instagram and my transition into life as a fulltime photographer. The social media app is responsible for gathering many of the Lowepro storyteller team together, hooked me up to explore new destinations with photographers from around the world, and introduced me to some of my best friends. Next time you have the opportunity to gather around other aspiring or inspiring photographers, find the time in your schedule. You might be shocked at the outcome.”

Gather: Frank Lopez

“People seem to only want to gather when they have a strong common feeling either positive or negative towards something.  In this photo you can convey how the love for music has gathered many people of all race, age, shape and size to a music performance.  Music has always had a way of gathering people – even just for one night – to share something magical.”

Gather: Hugo Pedel 


Gather: Matthias Fend

“After a long tiring ascent to the top of Mt. Artos in eastern Turkey – Two friends enjoy the stunning view to Lake Van. We often reminisce about those times in this beautiful country. The hospitable people and your amazing trip together.”

Gather: Bruno Calendini

“During a shooting on the car race 24 du Mans, I discovered the “Hawaiian Tropic girls”: A group of scantily clad Barbie dolls, which demonstrated a “talent” to bring together photographers.”

Gather: Gilles Reboisson

“Here at an electro festival, everybody has fun together. We say that the “music gathers”, it’s true. I sometimes like standing back and feeling all the energy that gets in the air.”

Gather: Thilo Brunner

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