Storytellers Mission 10: Holiday

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Lowepro Storytellers Mission: Holiday

Every month we challenge our Lowepro Storytellers with a mission.

We assign a word or phrase and they show us their visual interpretation. Because our group is spread all over the World, each with their very own style, we are always extremely excited to see what they have come up with.

Holiday: Andreas Keiling
“I had found this small hazel dormouse during a shooting at the edge of a forest. Due to the care of our family it recovered quickly. Usually hazel dormice hibernate. If they are fed throughout the winter, they become hand tame and spend Christmas climbing the Christmas tree. Before guinea pigs and hamsters, hazel dormice were the most popular domestic animals in England. They quickly become tame and are virtually odorless.”

Holiday: Florian Wagner

“Nitro snowboard pro Elias Erhardt and pilot Marcus Aulfinger joined their skills for this image in Kashmir. While Pakistan, India and China have been fighting for the valuable water reservoirs of the country and the population has been suffering, the adventurers found the perfect conditions for their stunt in the foothills of the Himalaya.”

Holiday: Travis Burke

“To me the holiday season means spending time with family in our small cabin in the mountains. I grew up by the beach so Christmas in the mountains was always memorable, even more so now that I live on the road and don’t get to see loved ones as much!”

Holiday: Al Lee

“I’ve resisted a cute picture of my kids who are of course the most important thing to me. This is an image of a well bonded group of young men after an epic expedition to Mt Asgard on Baffin Island. When you experience the hardships highs and lows of a climbing expedition there’s a unique bond created amongst the team, we set off as friends but returned as brothers.”

Holiday: Thilo Brunner

Holiday: Rachid Dahnoun
“For me, a holiday means taking some personal time and getting away from it all. And if I want to get away from it all, there is no other place I would rather be than the Eastern Sierra of California.  Camping under the stars with a few good friends is the perfect way to unwind.”

Holiday: Kyriakos Kaziras
“Christmas holidays are here, school is closed, young people are happy to sleep; even on the Beaufort Sea north of Alaska.”

Holiday: Alessandra Meniconzi
“Impossible to escape to the festival of colours! Holi is an ancient Hindu religious festival, originally known as “Holinka”, and is linked to several legends including Radha and Krishna. Held in India at the end of the winter, it is time for Holi. During the festival people will be covered in a rainbow of colored powders, water buckets, water filled balloons and “pichkaris” – a kind of water gun.”

Holiday: Frank Lopez

“To me holidays are all about being with my family and going on an adventure. What a better chance to get the family all packed up to head to the mountains to see the snow and build our very own snow man.”

Holiday: Emily Polar

“There are a lot of pretty pictures to be had for the holidays but one of my favorite things to be is silly. So for the holidays I especially like being with people who do the same. Here are some tourists doing their best to just be just that at Lake Louise. Maybe this is going to be their Christmas card.”

Holiday: Michael Teague

“This isn’t your traditional holiday shot because growing up we really didn’t celebrate like most families. We were never a religious family at all. I watched my friends go to church to celebrate the day Jesus was born while we did not. Don’t get me wrong, we still did the whole Christmas act of giving and receiving gifts as well as Christmas dinner with the family. But for what the day actually stood for and what it really meant was absent. So odd, so bizarre growing up and a bit confusing at times for a young man. In the end it has shaped the person I have become and I actually thank my parents for not forcing it down my throat. So this photo makes perfect sense to me in a world full of question.”

Holiday: Giles Reboisson

“As a photographer, I never really think of my job as ‘work’, it means I never really have holidays! Here is a self portrait in Corsica, a dream destination for holidays!”

Holiday: Kylie Turley

Holiday: Ben Sasso

Holiday: Elisa Detrez & Max Coquard

“For us “holiday” rhymes with scenery … At Guanajuato, in the heart of Mexico, we were served with houses of many colors.”

Holiday: Elisabeth Brentano

“When I think of the holidays, I think of pumpkin-flavored goodies, the smell of fresh pine trees and being able to see my breath in the air. That and warming up with a cup of hot coffee after a walk in the crisp winter weather…”

Holiday: Erika Skogg

“The holidays are about strategically scheduling my travel time around visiting family. After years of promising, I finally got out pheasant hunting with my uncle in Minneapolis (with just my camera of course) and couldn’t deny the shared love of wildlife and time spent outdoors enjoying a sun filled afternoon walk through frozen grasses and a dried up corn field.”

Holiday: Cole Beal

“The Holidays to me are about spending time with people you love no matter what you’re doing, and here that’s just what we did.”

Holiday: Luke Massey

“The bonus of my work is that although it can sometimes be tough it never feels like a chore so I’d say I don’t need holidays. Plus, even when going on a ‘holiday’ I’ll do my best to find the wildlife, in a way turning it into work.

Last week I visited Iceland for a short ‘holiday’, I managed to find some wildlife in the form of a pair of Arctic foxes but did enjoy a great day in the Icelandic wilderness with Isafold Travel, working our way through the snow covered valleys to see some incredible sights. Not a bad short ‘holiday’.”

Holiday: Jeff Bartlett

“I remember the ‘99 holidays like no other. We’d recently moved to northeastern British Columbia and we drove to Jasper National Park. I saw the Rocky Mountains for the first time and my life has never really been the same. Sixteen years later, and I’ll be celebrating the holidays where my love for the mountains first began, in my home in Jasper.”

Holiday: Tom Bunning

Holiday: Joseph Roybal

“The Holiday season to me is a time of reflection, a time to think on the past year, the hi’s and lows along the way, people we’ve met, accomplishments, failures: all of it.  Each day is a journey filled with uncertainty and in the end it’s how we chose to live these days as they belong to only us that is important.  The Flagstaff Star in Boulder, Colorado is made up of 365 lights, one for each day of the year,  illuminated daily throughout the Holiday season beginning in 1947 as a symbol to help guide our way and light the path as we look to the future in this wonderful adventure of life.”

Holiday: Matthias Fend

Holiday: Viktoria Haack

Holiday: Craig Pulsifer

“Up to her armpits in birds, Andrea Gunner, P.Ag. preps pastured turkeys at Rosebank Farm inside a mobile slaughter house.  She and husband Steve are among dozens of local meat producing farms fighting for the right to avoid large scale distribution systems and sell their product locally.  Originally published in the Globe and Mail for a feature on small-scale, sustainable agriculture.”

Holiday: Erwan Balança

“Vacation for me is above all the joy of rest, basking in the sun on a beach at the end of the world. It is also great to meet friends and spend time together… To be honest when I was walking on all fours close to this group of walruses on shore of Spitsbergen, that was not necessarily what came to mind. The atmosphere is special because these large animals  (males can weigh two tons) even if they seem heavy and quiet, can exude an incredible power. In case of panic they rush to the sea and do not mind the obstacles or the photographer.”

Holiday: Hugo Pedel

“Holidays often mean chilling out under the sun on a nice beach, or also enjoying time in the warm ambiance in front of an alpine hut’ s fireplace. For some people, clichés don’t work…Here, cavers prefer to spend their holidays to travel on the cold and moist moulin of the famous glacier called “Mer de glace” in Chamonix, Mont-Blanc massif. The explorers come back to the surface after a breath-taking descent in the moulin.”

Holiday: Dave Cheung

“Pauline and Todd chose to have a wonderful winter wedding and in Canada, that means lots of snow. There is no better place to celebrate the holidays than surrounded by your closest of friends and family …. And maybe a little snow :)”

Holiday: Bruno Calendini

Holiday: Ryan Struck

“Nothing says Holiday more than a snowman and waves! Our best season on the East Coast is when the weather is at its coldest. There are so many moments of beauty, with some of the prettiest sunsets I’ve seen just after a snowfall.”

Holiday: Daisy Gilardini

“Holiday season always reminds me of my childhood when Christmas was a big deal, with sparkling decorations and merry celebrations. The gathering of the family, the fragrance of the freshly baked cookies flooding the house, the pure joy and excitement waiting for Santa Claus. Everything was about innocence, joy and happiness, culminating in exactly that happy giggle just before unwrapping the presents.”

Holiday: Jerm Cohen

Holiday: Kristian Bogner


“When I think of “Holiday” I think of fun traditions.  We call this one Christmas Extravaganza Day.  Every year a big group of us get permits and go for a big hike in the mountains to find and cut down the perfect Christmas tree.  Mine is the tallest one on the left!!  We follow this up with a big potluck dinner and then put our trees up.  Merry Christmas everyone!!!”

Holiday: Dave Abbott of the Miles Witt Boyer Photographic Collective

“For this challenge I went back to my roots. I attended a Christmas parade I had marched in for 4 years, and watched from the side many years before that. Going to film it this time was a whole new experience. I had walked down those streets carrying drums, but never a camera. I had waited as a child on the side in anticipation to see Santa, but never waiting to get that perfect shot. Holidays are a time to reminisce on where you’ve been and where you’re going. I think video is taking those moments most people want to freeze, and allowing yourself to relive them. As a videographer, capturing life through video is what I love. Bringing the emotions from moments to life through cinema, rather than freezing a moment, allows me to share the story of how I see the world. The slow motion in the video was not only because it looked awesome, but because it’s how I felt seeing this parade again in a whole new light. It allowed me to slow those moments down and see not only where I had been, but focus on where I am going.”

Holiday: Glenn Bartley

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