2015 – A Year of Incredible Images

As 2015 comes to a close all of us here at Lowepro would like to say to all of you: THANK YOU for tagging us and sharing your stories throughout the year! Together we’ve created some truly stunning images. We can’t wait to see what 2016 brings!

We’d like to extend a special Thank You to our amazing team of photographers around the world.

Loweprofessionals: Chris McLennan, Kt Miller, Ian Spanier, Blair Bunting, Dana Distortion, Paul Morrison, Michiko Yone, Mike Escamilla, Ryan Schembri, Rebecca Bathory and Jed Jacobsohn

Lowepro Storytellers: Erwan Balança, Jeff Bartlett, Glenn Bartley, Cole Beal, Kristian Bogner, Miles Witt Boyer, Elisabeth Brentano, Thilo Brunner, Tom Bunning, Taylor Burk, Travis Burke, Nick Carnera, David & Quin Cheung, Bruno Calendini, Elisa Detrez & Maxime Coquard, Champ Cameron, Jerm Cohen, Rachid Dahnoun, Sarah Dawson, Jörg Ehrlich, Glenn Fajota, Matthias Fend, Daisy Gilardini, Hunter Fiuzat, Viktoria Haack, Michael Hanson, Peter Hawk, Josh Hydeman, Kyriakos Kaziras, Andreas Kieling, Nick LaVecchia, Alastair Lee, Frank Lopez, Jennifer Moher, Alessandra Meniconzi, Luke Massey, Sim Mainey, Hunter McRae, Mark O’Shea, Luke Pearsall, Colin Prior, Hugo Pedel, Craig Pulsifer, Emily Polar, Gilles Reboisson, Joesph Roybal, Ben Sasso, Ryan Struck, Erika Skogg, Daniel Taipale, Samuel Taipale, Michael Teague, Kylie Turley, Florian Wagner, and Lukasz Warzecha

Amanda Pollard

About Amanda Pollard

Amanda Pollard is the WW Communications Manager for Lowepro. She's a drone enthusiast, who not only loves aerial photography but FPV as well. You can usually find her lurking around Lowepro's social media, writing blogs, and trying to find ways to give bags away. You can reach Amanda at apollard@daymen.com

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