Storytellers Mission 11: Black and White

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Lowepro Storytellers Mission: Black and White

Every month we challenge our Lowepro Storytellers with a mission.

We assign a word or phrase and they show us their visual interpretation. Because our group is spread all over the World, each with their very own style, we are always extremely excited to see what they have come up with.

We were beyond excited to see what our team could show us in black and white, and they did not disappoint! Enjoy the full gallery below.

Black and White: Viktoria Haack

“I find snow the most magical environment to shoot in. It immediately reduces the environment to a monochromatic other world!”

Black and White: Ryan Struck

Black and White: Jeff Bartlett

“Frozen lakes hide the emerald green waters we love all summer. Stark aspen trees stand naked, their orange and yellow autumn colours long forgotten. The Canadian Rockies are blanketed in fresh white snow. Even my thermometer shows barely a hint of red mercury.  Alberta, at least throughout the winter, is Black and White. And there is no better season to photograph it.”

Black and White: Daisy Gilardini

The Messenger

“On the first day, in Midway Atoll – Hawaii, while exploring the Island on my bike, I heard something flying very close to my back. I turned and with great surprise I noticed that I was escorted by a group of White Terns. Every morning since, before sunrise they escorted me to the pier. I finally got the shot of this Tern looking straight at me like if she had a precise message to deliver! Today the message for everybody is HAPPY NEW YEAR!”

Black and White: Erika Skogg

Tiny tourist in Essaouira, Morocco

“My personal color theory is if color isn’t helping your image, it’s probably harming it. Images in black and white simplify the action – bringing attention to shapes, patterns and detail. I tend to think in black and white for busy scenes or distracting/backlit lighting conditions.”

Black and White: Joseph Roybal

“I love trees and the older the better, especially when photographing. Adding motion in the clouds to an otherwise static scene helps bring these ancient giants to life.”

Black and White: Elisabeth Brentano

“Two ravens stick together during a winter storm in Yellowstone. It was amazing to watch this pair display nothing but love while surrounded by the harshest of elements.”

Black and White: Samuel Taipale

“I have always found photos shot in black&white incredibly interesting. Sometimes shooting in b/w removes the reality of the time and place of the photo. There could easily be a knight from the middle ages standing with his horse on that same rock and we couldn’t tell when the photo has been taken.”

Black and White: Glenn Fajota

“The Louvre. As travel photographers, we are always looking for different angles so that our final image wont be the typical ‘postcard’ photo that the next tourist can take.”

Black and White: Hunter McRae

“I love shooting digital and always do so when I’m on assignment or facing a deadline.  Still, I love the dying art of film, and that magical feeling when I finally see what I captured for the first time.  I especially love shooting film when traveling. Here I used my plastic Holga to capture a white horse I came across in the highlands of Scotland. I like how the image appears moody, mystical and grainy— much like the aura of the quiet, rainy isolation around us.”

Black and White: Nick Carnera

Black and White: Rachid Dahnoun

Skier Dan Keenan rips through cold smoke powder on an epic winter morning.

“Many years ago I finished college on the East Coast and packed up my truck to head west without a job or any idea what I would do when I arrived. It took one incredible season at Kirkwood Mountain Resort to make me realize that I would forever be attached to the mountains and this amazing place. Now, I spend the winter seasons capturing my friends enjoying perfect powder conditions in a place I am lucky enough to call home.”

Black and White: Nick LaVecchia

Black and White: Glenn Bartley

“Snow Petrel”

Black and White: Frank Lopez

“To me black and white takes away the distractions of color. Black and white let’s you focus on the image and the story within the photo.”

Black and White: Michael Teague

“This was a bit of a mission to get this photo because you’re not supposed to be there to take it.. In fact nobody is supposed to be there accept individuals with proper access. This is a shot I’ve always wanted and finally got over Christmas while visiting friends in San Francisco. When you first see this angle of Goldie off in the distance as a photographer you think how epic a shot that would be. Then you approach it and you’re in awe at the architecture, size and beauty of what is in front of you! Mission accomplished, on to the next!”

Black and White: Sarah Dawson

“Although the image was just as striking in color with the blue ocean and highlights of the warm sun setting behind us, I chose to have the final version in black and white showcasing the movement and emotion that the image embodies.”

Black and White: Travis Burke

Sharing Majestic Moments with Nature.

“Yosemite Valley, California with Half Dome in the distance.”

Black and White: Dave Cheung

1960 – My Dad

“Over the Christmas holidays, my siblings and I had the grand idea of helping my parents digitize their life’s worth of photos. We knew it would be a lot of work, but I never know exactly how much my parents loved photography.  Funny: since I’m now making a living at it.  Going over the old black and white photos, I was fascinated to hear my Dad tell story after story I had never heard.  The power of photography, and the simple black and white photos of years past helped me realize the richness of my heritage and for that, I’m truly thankful.”

Black and White: Cole Beal

“A shaper’s bay is a unique place. Its a peek into the process of a surfboard’s creation, there’s so much happening, sanding, dust flying around, there’s a lot of moving pieces. I really think this photo captures the true essence of creating functional art.”

Amanda Pollard

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