Interested in seeing Cuba’s stunning architecture, dramatic landscapes and colorful people? Join Lowepro Storyteller Jeff Bartlett as he hosts Experience Cuba, a travel photographer’s workshop and tour in December 2016!

Cuba is an incredible travel destination that offers photographers an incredible variety of subjects. It’s a step back in time, as classic cars roll the streets, beautiful architecture remains from bygone eras, and people are welcoming. Outside the cities, the landscape becomes a stunning canvas unlike anywhere else in the Caribbean. From the limestone karst landscape of Viñales to the waterfalls near El Nicho and Soroa, nature abounds across Cuba.

After the success of their inaugural workshop in Morocco, Canadian travel photographers Jeff Bartlett and Brendan Van Son have planned “Experience Cuba”, as aspiring traveler photographer’s workshop and tour.

Both Jeff and Brendan believe the best travel images are created through experience. Whether it’s rolling their own Montecristo cigars on a tobacco farm near Viñales or getting lost wandering Trinidad’s old city center, their favorite travel photos have always come through genuine travel moments rather than curated activities. Their workshops and tours adopt this philosophy, so participants will be encouraged to truly engage with their surroundings.

While the main focus will be capturing travel images throughout Cuba, the tour is also a wonderful opportunity to work alongside two professional travel photographers. Jeff and Brendan will not only help bring your unique vision to life, but they’ll show how their workflow allows them to work efficiently as they travel from destination to destination. Multiple one-on-one sessions will be available to critique images, discuss post-processing techniques, or to delve into advanced camera controls.

The Experience Cuba photography workshop and tour takes place December 4-16, 2016. Join Jeff and Brendan to take your travel photography to new heights, not to mention a stunning new destination. Check the itinerary, book your spot, or learn more about the trip on Jeff’s website: Jeff Bartlett Media.

More about Experience Cuba

Cuba is a diverse country and the Experience Cuba workshop and tour takes it everything from the iconic streets of Havana Viejo to the dizzying heights of Vinale’s Magotes. The group will have opportunities to capture classic portraits, practice street photography, and hone their landscape skills as we travel across the island. Major destinations include Havana, Viñales, Trinidad, and Camaguay, but we’ll squeeze in some beach time at both the Bay of Pigs and Veradero, as well.

Download the complete itinerary to learn the day-to-day outline.

For American travelers, it’s important to understand the new regulations for traveling to Cuba. The American government has lessened the restrictions on visiting Cuba, but please refer to their current policy. We will not be held liable should that policy change; however, it is our understanding that traveling for educational purposes – to learn travel photography skills – should provide you with the right to travel to Cuba.

About the workshop leaders:

Brendan Van Son

Brendan Van Son

Brendan is a location-independent travel photographer and vlogger. He’s been on the road for more than 6 years, visiting nearly 100 countries on 6 continents. His publishes work daily across his own network, including YouTubeInstagram and Blog.

Jeff Bartlett

Jeff Bartlett

Jeff is an adventure photographer and writer based in the Canadian Rockies. Over the past three years, his work has shifted from editorial publications to destination marketing projects. He’s worked internationally for organizations including Visit Montana, Visit Austria, Travel Alberta, and Air Canada. Check out his website and follow his adventures on Instagram.


Images for this post were provided by Brendan Van Son.

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