What gives you goose bumps? Ghosts, ghouls and goblins aren’t the only things that send shivers down spines or inspire uneasiness. In honor of Halloween, this month we asked our Lowepro Storytellers to capture what “Eerie” means to them. Brace yourself for the results!  We promise, no nightmares.

“I made these image on the grounds of the 12th century Church of St. Nicholas in Wickham, United Kingdom.  A few years ago, I purchased a Diana F+ DSLR adaptor for my Nikon F-mount DSLR, along with the Diana+ 55mm Wide Angle and Diana+ 110mm Telephoto lenses. To some, it might seem like blasphemy to attach a $25 piece of plastic to the front of a digital body that costs many thousands of dollars. However, to me it provides a whole new way to make creative photography. I thoroughly enjoy experimenting with this marriage of hi-fi and lo-fi, and I love the soft, dream-like feel that the Diana lenses give to my digital imagery.”
Scott A Woodward

“I have also found that this is a fantastic little combination to bring along with me on holiday. So many times I have lugged my huge camera bag on a vacation overseas, filled with two (or more) digital bodies and multiple glass lenses, only to lug the bag all the way back home unopened. However, my Nikon DSLR and Diana+ 55mm combo is both lightweight and fun to play with, so I have found myself packing less gear, and bringing out my camera to play more often when I am on holiday. And that’s just good for the soul.”
Scott A Woodward

“When I think of the word Eerie three things come to mind: dark, scary, and the unknown.  Picture yourself traveling down a lonely road in the middle of the night when suddenly, in the blink of an eye, you find yourself deserted in the desert. In the corner of your eye a bright light appears, a man with a lantern approaches you calling you by your name. He tells you to follow him but before you can react you wake up to the sounds of your name being called but you don’t ever recall going to sleep.”
Frank Lopez

“Bats are always a bit symbolic this time of year. This bat was photographed using 3 flashes as it was feeding on a flower in the rainforest of Costa Rica. A laser trigger was used to trip the shutter.”
Glen Bartley

Eerie: Kathy Dyer

Eerie: Kathy Dyer

“There’s just something eerie about an abandoned house under big storm clouds! What happened here? Why did the people leave and never return? Shot on Highway 395 in California with Nikon D810 and Tokina 24-70 f2.8.”
Kathy Dyer

“The search for quiet spaces on a Summer’s morning.  Alta Lake Whistler, BC.”
Matthew Clark

“This is a sneak peak at a new character driven series I am working on that takes a step out of reality.  Here we have a ‘Post-Apocalyptic Vacationer’ relaxing by his home in the desert.”
Rachid Dahnoun

“This photograph was taken inside of an old abandoned insane asylum that was previously a compound to house people dying of tuberculosis.”
Shawn Talbot 

“This photograph is a an image that I took during the first days of my 550 mile hike photographing my crossing of Spain on the Camino de Santiago.  In the beginning of that journey there were times when I spent many hours hiking alone and making pictures.  Most mornings in the Basque Region would start with this beautiful but very eerie fog that covered the forests and the fields.  It felt like hiking through a cloud, which was very cool but often didn’t allow for much visibility ahead.  On this day, I found myself randomly shooting images along the way of the fog and the foliage.  I was never scared or worried to be alone as there were many many hikers on the Camino, but there were definitely times where you were completely by yourself.  I thought when this image was taken that this was one of those times.  When I got to the edit I noticed the vague image of another person walking ahead of me….or was it?! A happy surprise that made this photograph way more interesting and definitely eerie! ”
Luke Pearsall

“As soon as this mission was handed down I knew exactly what I wanted to do. This was something I’ve been wanting to do for the longest time so it really all came together at the right time! Fortunately, the tide was low and my subject wasn’t swept away during this shoot. However, she informed me that I was lagging while composing the shot because the water was really cold this day. Nothing dinner and a few drinks can’t solve post shoot though! What a great time we had thanks to Lowepro putting the wheels in motion for a shoot I already had in mind.”
Michael Teague

“First snowfall came early this year, even by Canadian standards 🙂 I took the opportunity to shoot my son walking in the dense fog at a nearby golf course. ”
David Cheung

“I created this shot for a special effects make-up class.  Make up can have a huge impact on the feel of an image.”
Glenn Fajota

“When I think of eerie, the first thing that comes to mind is fog. The way it moves, the way it
catches the light, and the way it has the power to make an inviting forest seem almost haunted.
Here’s a shot from the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon, right after a storm passed through the
Elisabeth Brentano

Eerie: Taylor-Burk

Eerie: Taylor Burk

“This photo was taken on the summit of Mount Cheam in British Columbia during sunrise. We woke up above the clouds, the North ridge caught my eye as it disappeared into the abyss.”
Taylor Burk

Eerie: Ryan Struck

Eerie: Ryan Struck

“I photographed these Black Tip Reef Sharks underwater in Tahiti. Sharks are very curious animals, though these guys were a bit shy never getting too close. It was a pretty eerie experience watching them swim within such close proximity.”
Ryan Struck

“The image was shot for a yoga promotion at Margaret Falls, near Salmon Arm, BC. It was only afterwards that we noticed the face in the rock to the right of the model!”
Viktoria Haack

Jessica Medina

About Jessica Medina

Jessica Medina is the WW Marketing Communications Manager for Lowepro. You can reach her at jmedina@daymen.com

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