As the snow begins to appear on the French Alps, the small team reporting on the Freeride World Qualifier (FWQ) shows us a little “behind the scenes” action.  With events held in several countries, the FWQ selects young riders to compete in the International Freeride World Tour, the world’s largest freeski competition.

Each event is photographed and filmed with precision. Content is quickly provided to the media for broadcasting.  According to Lowepro Storyteller Gilles Reboisson, who created the media outreach plan, “It is important to communicate and inspire teens to practice Freeride before this kind of event, where the risk is serious, security briefs are clear and rescue teams are on standby.”

Checking the angle of the TomTom Bandit

The content created by this team – text, photo and video – is broadcast through media partners, on the Red Bull digital platform and in ski resort tourist offices.  Their awesome video of the FWQ Chamonix, found here, was published on, (a French ski specialist) and on MontBlanc, TomTom Bandit and Evolution2 social networks.

A rider wearing a TomTom Bandit

The team is made up of 3 people:

Blandine Briere – a Video Editor who works on large French productions such as the X-Games and French TV content for brands like Rossignol, Salomon and Quicksilver. She is among the few filmmakers in France to be stamped by Red Bull Media House.

Stephane Pion – a Video Editor and the bionic man of the team, is equally at ease on skis and in a kayak.  The more steep the terrain, the more he likes it.  Self-taught, he always finds a little something to make his editing different, a skill he has certainly cultivated with his crew We Are Hungry, who has filmed kayaking for many years now.

Gilles Reboisson – a Photographer and Team Coordinator on behalf of Red Bull and Evolution2, Gilles has worked in the outdoor space for quite some time, mostly in the shadows.  He has participated in the development of freestyle kayaking in France. He was part of the Jackson Kayak European Team for 2007-2011 and is one of 3 creators of Picture Organic Clothing.  He has also collaborated with several brands like Millet, Quicksilver and Henjl, and alongside David Carlier on the well-known Nissan Outdoor Games.  Today, as a Red Bull stamped Photographer, he is at home in this environment and knows the players and the market well.

Looking for the best location

Each member of the trio has ongoing projects.  Blandine Briere is touring the world on her sailboat and regularly posts awesome episodes of her adventures on

Getting the right shot
Whistler bag on location

Stephane Pion is a kayaker, videographer and coppersmith. After traveling to Nepal and creating his film “Alone on the River“, he and his team, We Are Hungry, returned to Iceland to film “Why”.

Finally, Gilles Roboisson just inaugurated his new offices, collaborating with the agency Upfluence.

 There are certainly a lot of surprises to come for this Lowepro Storyteller!

Always happy
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