Whether we look forward to them or dread them, family dinners are a huge part of the holidays.  This month, we asked our Lowepro Storytellers to share images of Family Dinners.  We received an amazing array of shots.  Enjoy!

Family Dinner
Photo by Mitch Wu

“I grew up in a family of avid fisherman.  My Dad taught me how to fish when I was a kid, just as I taught my daughter.  From fishing for bluegil and crappie in small ponds as a kid, to catching bluefin tuna in Mexico and king salmon in Alaska as an adult…it always feels special being able to share my catch with my family at mealtime, or simply talk about the one that got away.”

Mitch Wu

Photo by Emily Polar

“When you travel often, and/or just live outside the U.S., you spend a lot of time eating meals with new friends, and that’s a good thing.  You get to share those experiences together.  It seems there is more emphasis placed on spending time together when you’re out and about in the world as that’s what you’re more mindful of doing.  I like to look at everyone I meet around the world as family.  So, here’s my ‘Family Dinner’ being prepared in the desert of Jaisalmer, India.”

Emily Polar

Photo by Daisy Gilardini

“September is the busiest month for mother bears in the Great Bear Rainforest.  It is time for the salmon run, one of the few protein sources for these bears and an important part of building up the fat necessary for the winter and hibernation.  Mothers are especially under pressure as they also have to fish for their cubs.

The Kermode Bear (ursus americanus kermodei, also called Spirit Bear) is one of the rarest bears in the world.  It is a black bear that has a white/creamy fur, which is produced by a recessive gene.  He lives principally in thee central and north coast of British Columbia in Canada.

Here we see a Spirit Bear mother with her black cub in the Great Bear Rainforest, British Columbia, Canada.”

Daisy Gilardini

Photo by Laura Barisonzi

“When I’m overscheduled, cooking with friends and family is my absolute favorite way to decompress.  Creating physical products with our hands is one of the most satisfying things we can do in this digital era.  I love to photograph people making things, and food is no exception.  Cooking by the fire is one of the best ways to cook because, not only is it warm and cozy, but the smell reminds me of every camping trip I’ve ever been on.  Plus, who doesn’t love to photograph smoke!”

Laura Barisonzi

Photo by Glenn Bartley

“A King Penguin chick begs for food amongst a huge colony on South Georgia Island.”

Glenn Bartley

Photo by Ryan Struck

“This photo is from a trip with Tiny Atlas Quarterly to Tofino.  I was surrounded by other creative minds, we shared stories, experience and food.   For that week, my new friends were my family.  My favorite thing about travel: the people you meet”

Ryan Struck

Photo by Tara Shupe

“Family Dinner isn’t always spent sitting around a table, but sharing a meal with those you consider family.”

Tara Shupe

Photo by Taylor Burk

“Thankful for the fire that’s giving off that warm glow, keeping us hot on a cold December night in the backcountry.”

Taylor Burke

Photo by Shawn Talbot

“I captured this image last week of many Vitenamese families enjoying their dinners on the streets of Hanoi.  f4, 1/30 second, 24mm lens, ISO1600.”

Shawn Talbot

Photo by Rachid Dahnoun

“It was a foggy evening camping on the beach while backpacking the Lost Coast of California.  Anyone who backpacks knows one of the best things after a long day is a hot fresh cooked meal.  My great friends Dan and Cat Keenan cozied up by the stove for their adventure version of a family dinner.”

Rachid Dahnoun

Photo by Kathryn Dyer

“Every year as I was growing up, family holiday dinners were held up in Lake Tahoe, California in the snow.  We would all travel from different parts of the country to meet up and share food, laughter and snow and make new memories.  My family always drove roads like this through the snow up to the cabin.  We shared many memorable family holidays there.  I shot this with the Sony Alpha A7rii and the brand new Tonika USA Firin series – 20mm F2 FE.”

Kathryn Dyer

Photo by Luke Pearsall

“I grew up in a family that ate dinner together at a dinner table every single night.  It’s a concept that seems to have become an almost forgotten idea in today’s world, but that’s the way the Pearsall family operated and still operates to this day.  I had great cooks in my family in both my mother and father, so I was blessed not only to sit with them every night but to be fed wonderful food by them my whole life.

My father, in his retirement, has taken over many of the duties in the kitchen.  He, like many great Pearsall men before him, operates his kitchen like some dads do their workshops or garages.  He has become the short order cook and the chef in the family, as he crafts delicious meals for us to enjoy as we sit around the table at night when we are all home.  This is why I have chosen a 4×5 Polaroid image that I took of my father many years ago at my grandparents house as he sat on their aging couch resting after what was, I’m sure, an enormous dinner for our family.  These dinners would often include his 7 brothers and sisters and their children.  When I think of a family dinner, I think of my father.  I see him standing at the counter, cutting vegetables and listening to the radio.  I picture him stirring big pots of delicious soup and filling our house with wonderful smells, and I see him with his forehead leaned against the cabinet as he spend endless hours washing dishes by hand because, until recent years, we never  had a dishwasher.

Even when my father is tired he is tireless, and I have not once heard him say a single negative thing about the time and effort it takes him to put food on the table and in the mouths of the people he loves.  ‘Family Dinner’ would not be family dinner without this man: Dennis Pearsall, the most kind, generous and giving man I have ever met – and one heck of a cook.”

Luke Pearsall

Photo by David Cheung

“As wedding photographers, we count it as a blessing to have been witness to many a family dinner.  Huge/intimate.  Lavish/simple.  Hotel ballroom/Hawaiian mountaintop.  These are just some of the amazing gatherings we’ve been privileged to be a part of.  But, above the beauty of the spaces and food, what we cherish most is seeing how food brings people together…the love, the relationships and the many bonds which make up the very fibre of the people we see in front of us are laid bare over wonderful family dinners.  Food and drink is a great excuse to spend quality time with those you love.”

David Cheung

Jessica Medina

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