We recently asked our Lowepro Storytellers to help us share the beauty of winter through the eyes of animals and received some amazing shots.  Enjoy!

Photo by Scott A. Woodward

“A barren of pack mules transport supplies from our campsite at Jimi Langtso Lake (3,880m / 12,730ft) high in the Bhutanese Himalaya after an overnight snowfall.

Camera = Nikon D4S
Lens = Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 14-24mm f/2.8G ED
Shutter = 1/640
Aperture = f/13
ISO = 200”

Scott A. Woodward

Photo by Mitch Wu

“Creating snowy, wintry scenes is no easy feat in tinder-dry, drought-stricken Southern California.  In fact, I think I was sweating in 80-90 degree temps when I shot this image – the hilarity and irony of this was not lost on me.

This image of Jack Skellington and Zero was taken in Christmas Town… AKA a dry, dirt slope in my backyard.  I stuck some branches in the dirt for a forest feel.  I then put a layer of flour on the ground to mimic snow. And finally, to create the falling snow, I again used flour… sifted, not thrown (said in my best James Bond voice).  I then made some temperature adjustments – literally and figuratively – in Lightroom, giving the image its nice cool blue tones.  I added a little glow to Zero’s nose in Photoshop and that was pretty much it… a cool, snowy scene created in the heat of Southern California!

1/6400 @ f/2  ISO 500 135mm
Canon 5D Mark III with Canon 135L”

Mitch Wu

Photo by Aurora Lampson

“You never know who you will meet while out and about.  I took this while exploring the beautiful little town of Eden, Utah.  The morning was very cold and sunny.  These friendly horses warmed things up a bit and made for great subjects.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Sigma 20mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art Lens
ISO 320 – f/3.2 – 1/1000″

Aurora Lampson

Photo by Tara Shupe

“Bella was very hesitant, but she finally sat down awkwardly and looked back at me with a look of confusion.

SETTINGS: Nikon D810, 145mm, 1/2000, 2.8, ISO 400”

Tara Shupe

Photo by Daisy Gilardini

“A mother polar bear is cuddling her two cubs while resting on a day den on the way to the pack ice to hunt for seals.

Every year from February to March an important event takes place in Wapusk National Park in Manitoba – Canada. Polar bears who entered maternity dens in October and gave birth in November are ready to exit for the first time with their four-month-old cubs. The timing coincides with seals giving birth to their pups on the Hudson Bay pack ice, which means easy food for the polar bears.”

Daisy Gilardini

Photo by Daisy Gilardini

“All summer my husband, David, was pushing me to shoot the hummingbirds every time they would come for a visit on our balcony… I totally ignored them! Now that outside is cold and snowing I have the window totally open to try to get them in the snow…. David is freezing scratching his head… I am really a cold climate girl !

Anna’s hummingbird are actually overwintering in Vancouver – BC as the climate is usually very mild. This year we had a few snow storms with freezing temperatures.  To help these amazing little strong creature surviving this unexpected cold period I have placed a feeder with some tepid nectar which also offers great photo opportunities.”

Daisy Gilardini

Photo by Ryan Struck

“I saw this dog in the snow a few winters back.  It was really coming down and I stopped the car to get out and snap a shot.”

Ryan Struck

Photo by Glenn Bartley

“A fresh snowfall overnight made for a fantastic ‘high key’ opportunity with this Macaroni Penguin colony on South Georgia Island.”

Glenn Bartley

Photo by Glenn Bartley

“To capture these images, I climbed up above the bird nesting colony and looked for birds that were in interesting poses or settings.

I used my Canon 7D mark II and a 100-400mm lens.”

Glenn Bartley

Aurora Lampson

About Aurora Lampson

Aurora is the Social Media and Community Manager at Lowepro. When not in the office Aurora is a professional commercial and portrait photographer.

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