UK photographer Alex Stead recently achieved an impressive social media milestone – 1 million Instagram followers!  With a fan base like that we couldn’t help but be curious about his take on photography, social media and how the heck he got started.  Ladies and gentlemen, making his first appearance on the Lowepro blog, meet Alex Stead!

Photo by Alex Stead

Lowepro:  How and when did you discover photography?

Alex:  I started doing photography when I was around 13 at school.  I took the subject as an extra class outside of lesson time.  I did GCSE then did A-level photography, studying it at school from age 13-18.

Photo by Alex Stead

What are your favorite projects to date?

My favourite projects so far have been car projects mostly. I did a shoot for Mercedes in Germany and Sweden as well as a Maserati shoot in the UK. I also love doing hotel projects so I’ve done a tour of India with ITC Hotels, Lux Hotel in the Maldives and many Ritz Carlton properties around the world.

Photo by Alex Stead

How do you see platforms like Instagram against historic print media?

I always love seeing my work in print, nothing will beat that. However, Instagram and other social media platforms are just so instant in sharing ideas and photography. I don’t often check print media because of this.

Photo by Alex Stead

What camera equipment do you use and what is your favourite Lowepro product to date?

I use a Nikon D810 and D800. Also, D500 for filming. Lenses 16-35mm, 14-24mm, 58mm, 70-200mm. My favourite Lowepro bag for adventure is the Whistler BP450. When doing more formal shoots I mostly travel with a Pro Roller X100.

Photo by Alex Stead

How do you stay creatively inspired?

I think mostly by looking at other people’s photography. Seeing what they are shooting and what new locations people are going to. Also, by taking on a range of projects so I don’t get bored of shooting the same stuff. I’ve shot a plane one week, a car the next and landscape after that. Keeps it always interesting.

Photo by Alex Stead

What is next after hitting 1 million Instagram followers?

Just to keep growing my following. But more important to me is creating the best content I can for myself and brands. Having such a large audience is amazing, but the quality of photography is so much more important than the numbers.

Photo by Alex Stead
Photo by Alex Stead

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