Photographer Esteban Barrera recently traveled to the far corners of the globe with his Photo Sport BP 300 AW II and shared his story (and some beautiful photos) with us.  Enjoy!

After 4 months I’m back home! This trip was such special time for me as a photographer.

I really appreciated having such a great piece of gear with me. The Lowepro Photo Sport BP 300 AW II performed more than phenomenally.

In the end, I traveled to Papua New Guinea, Vietnam, Thailand, Nepal, Australia and Myanmar, with nothing but great stories and adventures. I even got arrested in Nepal for flying a drone, hahaha.

The Photo Sport BP 300 AW II kept all my gear dry and in perfect condition and was by my side despite all the abuse I put it through.

I did several treks with the bag, and it is perfect for a camera and daily gear; I even did some overnight trips with it.

The Photo Sport II and I even ran into a scary storm and both survived. It was very scary, but I have a great laugh when I remember the moment, hehe.

I love Lowepro and your products! Now I’m back home trying to work a little, and plan some more trips.

Esteban Barrera

Esteban’s Bag

Jessica Medina

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