With wedding season in full effect, we began to get curious about they ways photographers approach capturing these special events.  Lowepro Storyteller Sarah Dawson has 10 years of wedding photography under her belt and has learned some valuable lessons during that time.  She was kind enough to share her top tips with us below!

This is my tenth season photographing weddings.  When I first started photography, I remember telling friends how I had no intention of shooting weddings, that the responsibility of those images on someone’s wedding day is too much!

Here I am, 10 years later, with easily over 400 weddings under my belt.  A few things come to mind when I think of lessons learned along the way.

I love the storytelling aspect of a wedding day.  There is just nothing like capturing raw emotion in an image.  You cannot create this as a photographer, you just have to be lucky enough (and quick enough on your feet) to get the shot.

Much planning goes into the schedule and timeline, and rarely does the day go off without a hitch. Good light missed and shortened portrait times are just some of things likely to go “wrong” but, in the end, somehow you have to produce good imagery that tells your couple’s story.

Keeping a positive attitude will help your clients trust you and, in the end, they’ll see a finished product that is just as amazing as they’d hoped it would be.

Prior to the wedding day, I provide my clients with a sample timeline to optimize the appropriate amount of time needed for capturing each part of the day.  This ensures I have communicated my needs that allow me to do my job best.

Here are a few thoughts for those lucky people who get the invitation to be a part of the fortunate few to witness the big day.

The number one rule when attending a wedding as a guest: Enjoy it!  The wedding couple put a lot of thought, love, and attention into creating a beautiful event for you to enjoy.

Be present in the experience and celebrate the couple.  It’s sad and even frustrating when I’m photographing moments like the ceremony or first dances and the guests in the background are all on their phones.  Not only does it look bad in the photos, you’re missing out.  Do yourself a favor and check out of the digital world for a couple hours and celebrate love in person.

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