A reflection can change your image completely. Reflections can be found in just about every environment you venture to with your camera. A reflection can be created in water, a mirror or by using a window. Finding a reflection offers a very fun challenge.  This month we challenged our Lowepro Storytellers to show us their best “reflections”.

Photo by Sarah Dawson

I do.
We do.
Bringing the best out of each other.
Challenging the worst in the other.
Finding space, giving grace.

I participated in A&E’s small intimate ceremony of twenty-five people in their small local church, which was under construction.  I was able to put together this lovely portrait of them using the only window that was not boarded up that retained the old architecture and original stained glass of the building.  I added a piece of glass to the bottom frame for an additional dimension mimicking the doublet theme and mood.


Photo by Laura Barisonzi

This is a shot from right where I live in Hells Kitchen Manhattan. Every day in the winter I often admire the everchanging forms hot gasses pouring from the street. On this day I happened across the reflected view of the gases in a skyscraper that looked just like a Rorschach test. What do you see?


Photo by Tara Shupe

I always love when reflections take on a whole new shape. This is the most beautiful I have ever seen Bear Lake, in Rocky Mountain National Park. The light rain and clouds created a mirror on the water and I found myself obsessing over the reflected landscapes.


This summer I had the opportunity to show my sister and her family around my home area (the West Coast of Canada). Seeing my nephews run around and discover so many things that I probably take for granted was almost like looking in a mirror at my self as a kid. I realized how important those years were to me in developing a sense of adventure and curiosity. When I look at this photo of my nephew pointing out tadpoles I actually see a reflection of myself.


Photo by Mitchel Wu

Find Your Inner Strength

One of the recurring themes of my work is finding one’s inner strength, something I believe we all possess. I photographed this image on my stone patio, which I splashed water on to create some puddles. This image consists of two shots – the main character, Bullseye, and the shadow cast from a different toy horse. The green tones are actually trees overhead that are reflecting into the water, and the blue tones are from the sky’s reflection.

Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 135mm f/2L at f3.2
ISO 500
1/1000 sec

Mitchel Wu

Photo by Daisy Gilardini

On a very calm day in Svalbard – perfect reflection.


Photo by Jeff Hinman

The best time of day is when you’re engulfed by the calmness of the lakes and hearing the birds. Total serenity.

Sony A7s
ISO 100

Lee filter .9 hard grad


Photo by Rachid Dahnoun

Reflections are one of my favorite subjects to shoot. Shot correctly, they can provide a powerful, dramatic and surreal effect to an image creating a sense of wonder.

Location: Hope Valley, California

Nikon D800E
Nikkor 16-35mm lens
ISO 100
1/5 sec


Photo by Willow McDonough

Mirrored reflection alongside self-reflection, a core element of any strong yoga practice.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II
ISO 100


Photo by Ryan Struck

Reflections can be the most mesmerizing encounters in the wild. From the confusing experiences of mirages to the tantalizing light play on the water, reflections provide a plethora of interesting opportunities for photography. Here I swam a fisheye camera into the surf at the Jersey Shore. To capture all these pretty colors of surf I usually choose to shoot at Golden Hour. The more you look, the more you see the sunset’s reflections in the water and wave face.


Photo by Guy Fattal

Whenever I get a chance to shoot such a big event with dozens of other photographers like the Redbull Joyride, I always try to slow things down for a moment and search for a unique composition. Reflections are always a good idea when trying to get creative.

Nikon D750
Nikon 24-70mm F2.8
F 4.0
iso 640


Photo by Craig Pulsifer

A young boy watches as a flotilla of Canada geese cross the Ottawa River in outrage to fireworks exploding in the night sky above the Canadian Parliament Building.

Fuji X-T2
Fujinon 18-55mm wide
ISO: 6400
Aperture: 2.8
Shutter: 1/60


Photo by Glenn Bartley

A Spectacled Duck on a calm pond in Patagonia.


I love this photo Quin took of Sumaiya getting ready for her wedding. Not only does it amaze me that she found an angle which allowed her to literally disappear (no photoshop!), but that she had the presence of mind to place a flash to both rim-light the beautiful bride while also throwing her shadow which perfectly frames her reflection!

Dave & Quin

Photo by Shawn Talbot

Captured in Banff National Park in Autumn.

Canon 5D Mark IV
1/60 sec
ISO 100
50mm lens

Shawn Talbot

Aurora Lampson

About Aurora Lampson

Aurora is the Social Media and Community Manager at Lowepro. When not in the office Aurora is a professional commercial and portrait photographer.

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